An important video for pregnant women

My good blogging friend and professional film maker, Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum made this video to drama attention to a pregnancy condition called OC.  Please share if possible to help raise awareness of this condition, the commonest liver disease in pregnancy, it’s linked to increased rates of early labour and stillbirth, yet often goes unheard of. It’s detectable and manageable, here’s how:

Foo fighting and BIB voting

I’m so blooming honoured to have been shortlisted for the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging video award. Coming out of a cold, dark winter it feels like the first green shoots of Spring.  So it felt appropriate to finally get this vid up.  I used to teach kids how to make Pop Videos for A level Media Studies. Pop video theory claims that the images and editing either illustrate, amplify or cause a disjuncture with the lyrics.

This wasn’t intended to be a pop video, in that it’s unplanned, unstoryboarded, shakey and short on some shots and techniques. But as I started playing with the shots, I realised our tale of a child free day seeing the Foo Fighters, amplified the lyrics… Homemade, but not quite home video…

It’s naughty to use music in video, but given I am promoting the amazing musical experience that is the Foo Fighters, I hope they may turn a blind eye…

And if you would consider voting for me click on the badge. Thank you. Feels like I am coming out of hibernation.

Video Shortlist


I am so excited about the clocks going forward and the onset of spring. I love the switch. I was watching my 3yo son run round the garden in just a jumper and pants last week and thinking being inside with children in the Winter is such a ridiculous drain on energy.  I started a mental list of all the ways we will save energy this spring.

Being outside means less tidying inside, fewer toys strewn across the carpet, fewer incidents of lego related foot injuries, fewer opportunities to empty every box in the playroom in pursuit of a toy that was ‘donated’ to Oxfam months ago. Switch this for the park, the garden, sand, water, leaves and mud.

Being outside means eating outside more, swap hoovering and sweeping for feeding the birds.

Free range kids means less time spent breaking up arguments, cooking up games and debating what to do. Switch this for just pottering.  Children always seem a million times more at home outdoors to me.

More sun means switching SAD for Vitamin D, more seratonin, more energy, more happy people.

Being outside means switch rising energy prices for less heating, less electronic devices, less television, less lights, less energy consumption.

Happy Spring 🙂

The picture was taken in Delamere Forest Cheshire, where I am very much looking forward to The Spellbound Forest this May. It’s an event for families around telling English fairy tales through performance, music, visual art and dance.


If like me, you only iron and sew in emergencies, then you might just love Stamptastic as much as I do. When my daughter started school back in September I couldn’t believe the effort involved in sewing and ironing in name labels.

People I knew were putting evenings aside to do it – WHOLE EVENINGS! – a little bit of me died at that thought.  That wasn’t what I signed up to as a mother.  I felt vaguely guilty at the thought of my mum diligently sewing labels in mine, but it was soon forgotten when I reasoned back then there weren’t so many options. Continue reading

A thrifty ten minutes

How much do you like to earn in 10 minutes?  Here’s 6 ways to save money in a spare 10 minutes which I think stack up to a rather good hourly rate.  I’ve managed 4/6 in one hour, bet you can top that.  Putting a timer on yourself by the way is known as the Pomodoro technique, and it is proven to motivate. Continue reading

Dalani Home & Living – Twin Competition

I’d love to say this was my workspace, it’s not.  But I do have a trestle table, white walls and red accents in my office, so surely I am on my way to this kind of design nirvana.  I also had a huge declutter last month, following William Morris’s famous mantra, so I am feeling ready to embrace interior design. Continue reading

The Peatbog Faeries

Continuing on my mission to get some cultural life back, I saw the Peatbog Faeries on Wednesday, who hale from the Isle of Skye. They’re one of the best known contemporary Scottish folk acts, and have been nominated for a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award. They incorporate traditional jigs and reels with jazz, hip hop and reggae influences. Continue reading

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist

How’s your cultural life?  Did it die a bit when you had kids?  Mine did.  It’s high time to prioritise me a bit. I had a dose of culture last week and it’s done wonders for my brain. These guys got me thinking about lots of stuff… Continue reading