The Ansaphone Message. Memory Book/Little Legacy

For weeks our ansaphone has been full, but there’s good reason why I let it get like this. Last night I finally deleted all the messages.  All except one. The one where my Mum called the night before she was coming to visit.  ‘If I need anything just call’ she says.  I listened to it again twice last night and wished so hard I could call, or that she was coming tomorrow.

Every time I drive past Wollaton Park in Nottingham I remember how she would call as she drove past it to let us know she and Dad were 10 minutes away.

Reminds me of an amazing poem, Long Distance II by Tony Harrison.

I love how he nails that idea of feeling connected and disconnected in equal measure.

Just a note to say I plan to do Memory Book on the last Thursday of the month now instead of weekly.  There’s so much going on in my life right now and I want the writing I do for it to be something really special. I will put a little legacy up from time to time.


9 thoughts on “The Ansaphone Message. Memory Book/Little Legacy

  1. I too have an answer machine message from my mum, exclaiming she looked out of the window and there was snow and that she guessed we were already out frolecking in it. We were. I recorded it off the answer phone on to my ipod and it is now safe on my hard drive. I listen to it when I need to have her closer to my heart. Sending love and hugs
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