Hot date at Chiquitos


Mr A and I were invited to have a date night at Chiquitos.

Before you ask where the glamourous outfits and pictures of us are, I had just returned, utterly shattered, from Ghana, to an inevitable and exhausting mix of excitement and resentment from my kids. No-one cared where I had been, just that I was back, this was about fleeing the house to be together in peace, while they were safely tucked up in bed and Mr A’s mum was around to babysit. Continue reading

How to Keep Control of Your Personal Identity

Featured Guest Post

Identity theft is a growing problem in this digital age; hackers and scammers use an arsenal of weapons to access to your personal information, which they then use to their own seedy end. Let’s take a look at some of their favourites and how you can avoid them: Continue reading

Your stars, your cars

Mr G at Silverstone Classic last month, according to his Chinese sign he is destined to drive a sports car…

We’re looking at a new car in the Alexander Residence. These predictions based on the Chinese New Year animals are strangely accurate for our house, in which Snake (me) battles with Tiger (Mr A), over gas guzzling. I couldn’t believe how spot on this was, as my ‘tiger’, spookily enough was showing me all the SUVs he has his eye on just last night.  4yo Mr G, a ‘Rat’ already has his eye on a Mini Cooper with racing stripes, while ‘Dog’ Miss L wants an old style Beetle. Spooky! Are yours accurate? Check out this guest post Continue reading

How to make a toy suitcase

There’s a bit more to making a toy suitcase to this post, but I do promise to tell you how we did it. It was the second day of half term, but the first I had both kids together. A lovely day, it really made me realise how much I miss the days of both of them home together. Although, behind every beautiful moment there is chaos, as you can see in the photo above. As soon as I picked up the camera to snap the bears, they were fighting again, then wrapping each other up in sellotape.

This suitcase wasn’t a happy planned craft activity, at least not initially, it was was made under duress, while G screamed ‘Make a toy suitcase for Charlie bear!’ and L shouted ‘How do you spell horse?’. Continue reading

I’m an underwear model! Sexy pants change the world #teamhonk


At the ready, cameras, tablets, Who Made Your pants, Red Noses and Gin in a Tin

Before we went to Ghana with Comic Relief my fellow bloggers Annie and T and I had to shake out the silliness of the #secretthing and get ready to be ‘foreign correspondents’.

We also had our eye on the fundraising potential of #teamhonk on our return: a sponsored hike up Snowdon NEXT SATURDAY for Annie, me, T’s family and a big group of fellow bloggers; a 25 mile bike ride for T AND lots of baking and FUNraising activity from some incredible fellow bloggers. So we made this little video:

You can’t just climb Snowdon for Comic Relief, you have to make it funny too, hence the nod to superheros with pants over our trousers. Mari also rescheduled her hen do to join us, so think of Snowdon as a hen do too. But these are no ordinary pants….

These pants, well very sexy knickers, are the ones I will be wearing over my trousers as I climb Snowdon for Red Nose Day next weekend are very special.  They are from Who Made your Pants, a campaigning lingerie firm in Southhampton, who help women in difficult circumstances, primarily refugees, find employment via jobs at Who Made Your Pants.

We think that every day should be a good pants day, and that there should be a little bit of gorgeous under everyone’s clothes, something just for them. So we buy fabrics that have been sold on by big underwear companies at the end of season, stop them ending up as waste and turn them into gorgeous new pants that have a great start in life. They’re designed to sit flat under clothes, have no VPL, and be comfortable and all day fabulous.

Having modelled them, I can tell you these are most excellent pants, and I am proud to be wearing them to hike up Snowdon. Please sponsor us.

Review opportunities

We have pants, but some of the team are still missing bits of kit, if any outdoorsy brands are reading and looking for review opportunities. We are also looking for car hire/cars to review. Team honk is a tried and tested social media phenomenon, with support from the parent blogging community we have trended several times with #teamhonk on Twitter.

We can be sponsored here

Snowdon Climb Sponsor me!

Confidence-boosting outfits for busy mums

Fashion expert Patti has written today’s post for Alexander Residence. I love this unusual coat and I would like to jump straight into the gold jumper and jeans, what would you pick out?

All Mums know how busy and hectic life can be. Taking children to playgroup,
school and activities, walking the dog, cooking dinner and preparing lunchboxes
and getting all the household chores done can leave even the most energetic Mum
feeling exhausted! Long and busy days spent doing less than glamorous jobs can
leave women feeling less feminine and cause them to lose confidence in their
appearance. All Mums deserve to feel feminine and maintain their individuality,
and choosing the right clothing can help to achieve this. With Mother’s Day fast
approaching, now has never been a better time to revamp your wardrobe. Continue reading

A day of special deliveries.

I wrote a Lovebombing post a few weeks ago about the idea of Lovebombing, a book I read about by Oliver James which champions the idea of resetting a child’s emotional thermostat by spending time together where they decide what you do.

I actually still need to read the book, but I find myself adopting the concept. With Miss L school can make our bond feel a little disjointed so holidays are a time to recharge. We also received a surprise package which made our second day of ‘lovebombing’ even more successful.

Yesterday Mr G was at nursery.  Miss L has had the list of things we would do written out since the start of the week. It included finding her goggles, going swimming, eating a pack lunch, buying sweets, watching a film and doing some sticking together. I had a conference call at 10am, but she suggested she made the packed lunch while I was working.

I was woken by the doorbell, peeked through the curtains and saw Mr A  accepting something from a Parcelforce courier. Miss L came running upstairs with a big box. ‘It’s for you, can we open it?!’ Continue reading

Personalised Gift Wrap they’ll never forget – Paper Themes

Personalised wedding wrapping paper

Personalised wedding wrapping paper

What do you do with old wrapping paper? Sometimes it is just so beautiful I can’t bring myself to part with it, it goes in a special box for crafty projects or card making.

When I inherited my mum’s Edwardian dressing table it arrived complete with old wrapping paper she had used to line the drawers. It must have been decades old, a bold geometric seventies print. I often wonder where it came from and what made it significant enough to not be recycled or thrown away. Mum must have liked it, perhaps it came from someone special. Miss L loved it too, so we used some to paper a room in her doll’s house. Continue reading

Sew Simple Fabric Glue Sock Puppets

The new-look Sew Simple adhesive from Bostik is a great way to make quick, effective repairs and changes to clothing and other fabrics, without the need for sewing.

I fully intended to test the samples of Bostik Sew Simple on the holes in L’s jeans. I was going to patch them up. It sounded perfect as the adhesive remains flexible and resistant to hot washes and ironing – meaning repairs stay in place, without sewing! But then Mr G had a sock puppets emergency, so we tested it on those instead. Continue reading

Camp Bestival Line Up 2013

We had an amazing time at Camp Bestival last year, so I was looking forward to see the line up for 2013! We’re most excited about the Levellers and Horrible Histories in the Alexander Residence, although I firmly believe you have to go with the flow, you will have great fun whatever you end up seeing.

I’ve linked up my packing and review posts and a video below in case you fancy some more insights into what a family festival with a 3 and a 5 year old is like, plus our tips on making the most of it!

Our packing…

Camp Bestival: We fell in love Continue reading