Behind the scenes, the real Team Honk Snowdon


I didn’t sleep a wink the night before Team Honk climbed Snowdon, all I could think was how responsible I would feel if anything went wrong, many of us just hadn’t had time to train or prepare. I was worried about how much we stood to lose if the alarm didn’t go off, or we were delayed, there are only so many hours of daylight in early March, but the walking alone is 7 hours. So I lay there in a YHA bunk bed trying to pass the sleepless night cracking the logistics of transporting 23 people to and from our start and finish points.

Flashback a month. Annie read this post and convinced me to climb Snowdon. I agreed, then I looked into it properly. Except by then it was too late, Annie had told everyone it was happening.

I called the most outdoorsy, mountain-climbing-savvy person I know, Gemma. Lots of nervous phone calls. Gemma’s stories of friendships ruined on wet, windy and cold mountain treks. My stories of booked up Youth Hostels and guides who don’t like to take novices up in early March, not without crampons and ice axes.

Gemma made kit lists, shared weather reports and found two old friends, locals willing to give their time to guide us. I managed to call after a cancellation, and snaffle the last beds in Snowdon Ranger hostel. It was happening. Team Honk Snowdon was growing, the fundraising and enthusiasm was infectious, as was the sponsorship. Mari had cancelled her hen to join us, Kate had booked a ferry from Ireland.

But the weekend before, the weather was -13 on the summit, with high winds, fog and rain. I couldn’t see the climb happening in those conditions. Meanwhile team honk Snowdon bloggers were struggling with flu, taking kids to A and E, cars for emergency repairs, getting high flying jobs and having to drop out and generally stressing about how to extract themselves from family life for a weekend, nevermind how to get to Wales from Cornwall, Southhampton and Ireland, to name a few far flung places. Mountains had been climbed long before we even set foot in Wales.

So all in all, a tough few weeks of worry. Fortunately we got lucky with the weather. It was a very tough climb, there was ice, snow, sweat and tears and a touch of vertigo, but still, just a day of my life. Here it is on film, see for yourself what we went through:

(Filmed on a Panasonic HD Camcorder HXDC2 as modelled by Mari in the video)

For some people in the UK and Africa dealing with stress, fear, loss, pain, illness, poverty, homelessness, death, addiction is a daily ongoing battle. Which is where Comic Relief comes in. It is never too late to do something funny for money for Red Nose Day or to sponsor us and help Team Honk smash the £6000 mark.

Thank yous All our amazing sponsors. Our wonderful guides Marit and Al. We wore sexy lace pants from ethical pant maker Who Made Your Pants on the climb. We stayed comfortably and very economically at the scenic YHA Snowdon Ranger Hostel and stoked up on hearty breakfasts and packed lunches.  We wore hiking socks from HiTec Sports which kept feet dry and snug and any blisters away. I took a Panasonic handheld camcorder with me on the climb to make this film. Gower Cottage sent some amazing Chocolate Brownies to keep the spirits and energy up and the shorter films were made on a Nexus 7 I am reviewing for Idealo.

Team Honk Snowdon who are, AnniePennyTGemmaKateLauraMariGreg, Marit, Al, StephDanielleHannahKatJenniferNikkiBruce, J,  Kim, Miles,  Emma, Leela and Stefan.

15 thoughts on “Behind the scenes, the real Team Honk Snowdon

  1. Penny, that is just Awesome! Choking back a tear or 2 here, that really brings it all to life: fantastic!

    And thank you so much for including me & my late start, really appreciate it x

  2. You are all completely awesome! Love the video, lovely to see everyone and get a feel for what it was like. Congrats on such a huge amount of money raised too x

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