Two little Vikings went out hiking…

An utterly magical day out at Sherwood Pines, Nottingham’s Forestry Commission site, with the Vikings and Saxons of the Regia Anglorum who create living history encampments around the UK and Conroi de Vey the Nottingham branch of Regia Anglorum.

I’ve seen a few living history groups in action, but I have never seen one get children so involved, or be so keen, not just to re-enact fights, but to talk about everything from food, to medicine, to coins, to needles, to burials. In fact while the battle was taking place, my two were busy learning how to make bread and grilling those left in camp for clues as to the missing silver cup.

All children got a sheet with details of the crime and suspects and were encouraged to quiz the camp residents. It was great fun and really helped to get everyone talking and learning quite effortlessly.

Of course the forest is a perfect setting, given that a Viking roadway, or the’ Dark Age M1′ was recently discovered in Nottingham forest. I thought it was a really moving reminder of the history of our land, the narration that accompanied the battle really drew this out.

I was torn away by the kids to the walkways in the forest to play in, the den building area and the cafe. I will have to go back for a quiet contemplation of the Saxons and Vikings part in history. I love forests!

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23 thoughts on “Two little Vikings went out hiking…

    • Only if you want a horde after you.

      LARPing is Live Action Role Playing, which is soft weapons in a fantasy or sci fi setting. Fun is their priority.

      We are a living history exhibition, LHE, for us authenticity is the priority.

    • Hi Helen, Regia Anglorum are a group of reenactors, we put on displays of viking, saxon and norman life all around the country for the entertainment and education of others. One of our top priorities is to demonstrate the day to day life as accurately as possible.
      LARP (Live Action RolePlay) is similar is some respects, but isn’t done for the public, it’s purely for the enjoyment of the participants. (Not that us reenactors don’t enjoy what we do of course). As such historic accuracy isn’t normally a priority and wouldn’t come with the living history encampment (LHE) that you can see in the photos.

  1. Hey

    I remember talking to you and the little Vikings about chores little people would have done.

    So glad you enjoyed the day: that was entirely the point of turning up. Thanks for blogging about it – it’s great to hear that our displays worked!

    And if your miniature vikings were really keen, you can always join and then they can try it out for themselves. 😉

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