Magic Beans

Nottingham Playhouse challenged us to grow a beanstalk as their panto this year is Jack and the Bean Stalk. My magic beans arrived in the post. I thought I’d left it too late to join in, everyone else’s beans were growing so fast. We really needed to get some gold too, as we’d spent so much money already, and it was only the start of the holidays.

But once a magic bean breaks out of it’s hard case, then wow it wastes no time. In three days it was this big and peeping over the top of its jam jar. I was hopeful. Continue reading

Home Fantasy: wood flooring

Every inch of lino in our kitchen tells a tale. Black streaks from painting jam jars with acrylic paint, green splodges from when the easel lived at the end of the room, white splats from painting the ceiling, weetabix from breakfast time, dents from toys that were thrown in rage and ingrained dirt from years of muddy shoes running in and out of the garden. Continue reading

The Dover Adventure: Carnival cruises, Castles and much, much more

Carnival Cruises kindly invited us to come and tour a ship, ahead of our first cruise in October. It was a chance to meet the film crew we will be working with, familiarise ourselves with a cruise ship and start to plan for our next adventure. It was also a chance for a mini holiday in Kent, we saw some amazing sights. Continue reading

Bostik Back to School Heros

Bostik back to School HerosIf you are phaffing about trying to get school trousers to the right length, trying to get important school paperwork in the right place and/ or restocking pencil cases Bostik have some innovative products to consider. We gave them all a trial this Summer.

I love Sew Simple Fabric glue, we reviewed it here, it is great for hems, name labels, repairs to uniform and sports kit. Since my last review, Mr A has used it to successfully patch four pairs of jeans which all had small holes. Continue reading

Little Legacy: The Legend and Story of Mum

Legend, from I’m a Mum and a…

Today I am curating the Story of Mum online tour. The idea is, as a curator, you choose something from the Story of Mum Gallery, and contribute something yourself. I chose Legend as an image (above), from the I’m a Mum and a...exhibition, because it jumped out of the gallery at me, it had such power. Continue reading

Party – Harry Potter style!

Check out the video above, in which I learnt how to cast a spell like Harry Potter at Britmums Conference back in June, a useful party trick to have up your sleeve for a Harry Potter themed party. There are lots more ideas for a Harry Potter style party in this guest post: Continue reading

McCain’s Summer of Sharing

Party - 374

Party – 374 by Parker Knight, on Flickr

The summer months bring longer days and lighter nights and hopefully, some much-needed sunshine. School’s out and carefree days are just crying out to be filled with summer fun. What better time of year to enjoy getting together with family and friends? Continue reading

New H and M Kids on the block

How cute cool are this lot? The new H and M kids on the block. I caught Mister G busting some moves in a shop the other day and It made me think I should really get both mine into street dance classes. Every kid needs a secret talent!

The new H and M kids range looks to be bright, colourful and fun, with a hint of grown up about it. But without being inappropriate or overly gender stereotyped. Take a look for yourself.

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Awesome Lego Castle, just one question…

Lego invited us to play at Warwick Castle, the perfect setting to inspire some building and play with LEGO Castle sets. Towers, turrets, brave knights and princesses, Warwick Castle is full of stories.

Warwick Castle is a place close to our hearts, the last time I was here I was feeling decidedly weird. The musty smells really affected me, and the vertiginous views made me uncharacteristically dizzy. I had my suspicions why. The reason became apparent soon after, and seven years and 10 months later, here she is: Continue reading

House fantasy: Moroccan Bazaar

Last week I was all white wash and colour pops. This week I am mainly fantasising about having a Moroccan boudoir. I have found the perfect one stop shop to do it. Which if you are like me, a home ‘interiorist’ who loses interest when a decorating theme involves ordering from multiple retailers, then this could be for you.

Morrocan Bazaar are a family run business, which now spans three generations. Continue reading

How to find even more great summer holiday activities

Chances are, if you are anything like us, you are still trying to jam as much sun, fun and punch into the last weeks of the summer holiday, while feeling as if you did several rounds with Mr Punch already this August. Do not despair, I have a plan. Continue reading

How to do a DIY family photoshoot

Love Mister G’s photobombing of Miss L’s shot of me and Mr A. We did a bit of a family photoshoot recently, we needed a picture of all four of us in a hurry. The results made me realise it was something we should do more often, rather than waiting for the perfect moment to happen or paying for a photographer. I’ve listed the ingredients for a perfect shoot and a lovely Photo Box Photo Mugs giveaway too, the perfect way to celebrate your efforts.
Continue reading