The one where I am converted by a cupcake

Wonky retro cupcakes for L’s 6th birthday

I’ve always been a bit anti cupcake. I’m the first one to sneer when someone produces a batch of 12 perfectly iced creations. When I was a kid, you knew where you were with cupcakes, they were generally wonky, iced with glace icing and covered in dolly mixtures. So that is the kind of cupcakes my kids usually get.

That was until Emily from A Mummy Too blog moved round the corner from me and turned up one snowy day with a batch of rum laced, beautifully iced Christmas cupcakes. This Summer she invited me and the kids to come and decorate cupcakes with her. How could we refuse?

This is the sight that awaited us when we walked into her kitchen.

The kids jaws dropped at the sight of Emily whisking up a whole packet of butter and a whole box of icing sugar. The huge bowl of icing was flavoured with strawberry, coloured pink and whipped into floaty fluffiness that carried us into a whole new world of cake decorating.

The kids immediately got stuck in, piping swirls of butter cream, before adorning them with an amazing range of sugar decorations and glitter. Emily let them be as messy creative as they liked and even whipped up some blue vanilla buttercream when the pink icing ran out.

I couldn’t resist a go, and before long I was hooked. I can’t explain the deep satisfaction that results in icing a really perfect cupcake. There’s a scene in a romantic comedy I saw, where a woman spends aged making just one cupcake, she’s probably trying to heal a broken heart, the details elude me. The point is I never really understood why anyone would want to go to all that trouble. Until now…

Until I made this…

The blue buttercream was mixed with vanilla and then piped from the centre to make a rose shape. It’s sprinkled with gold dust and pastel glitter and adorned with rice paper butterflies to disguise the dodgy bits of piping. Clever eh?

Emily also popped some blueberries in the sponge mix which makes these cakes even more special.

I even waited until AFTER my tea to eat it, it was THAT special to me.

I’m entering this in the Rangecookers cupcake competition, because for a first attempt at a proper cupcake, well, it’s pretty darn pretty, even if I do say so myself. I promise to cook Emily and family lots of treats should I win.

So from now on I will be the one delivering amazing cupcakes on my kids’ birthdays and getting sneered at at the school bake sale. I’m off to shop online for the all the stuff, Miss L’s birthday is only a month away!

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