Find out your shopping tribe and win a £60 Amazon Voucher

11 cm Obitsu Drta doll with Hegemony77 doll clothes shopping bags

by Hegemony77 doll clothes, on Flickr

New research from Barclaycard and consumer experts at Brunel University, shows that the recent economic climate has changed how we approach shopping and saving money. People now place far greater value on the emotional investment of smart spending giving rise to four new modern shopping tribes. Continue reading

Lewis Hamilton does the school run

Have you seen this yet? If you have ever driven kids in a car you really must. I just love the absolute look of bemusement on Lewis’s face when faced with two primary age passengers, and all their non stop antics.

What do you reckon?  How distracting do you find your kids when driving? The film was made by Allianz to raise awareness of road safety. I think having Lewis in the driving seat, as an accomplished driver, really reinforces the challenges of driving with children in the car, and how important it is to stay focussed. Continue reading

Make Christmas Candles with Baker Ross

make candlesIn a wonderful moment of blogging serendipity, Baker Ross sent me the exact items my daughter had eagerly circled in the craft catalogue she brought back from school. So we spent a happy Sunday afternoon together learning how to make Christmas candles which will make lovely presents for someone!

It really is easy, soften the wax squares in a bowl of warm water, and off you go. Continue reading

Do you remember the first time you realised you were a family?

Do you remember how you felt the moment you were left alone with your baby? the moment you left hospital or the midwives said goodbye? The moment you opened the door with a baby or the moment the midwives closed your door?

I don’t think I will ever forget it, the bustle, the practicalities, the reorganising. Mr A and I trying to be brave and confident for the other. It came later, lying there in the darkness, it nestled in the stillness of a sleeping baby. The moment we realised we were a family. Continue reading

Magic and Sparkle

This morning, as I was crawling through the in traffic in town, the lights changed at the pedestrian crossing to let an elderly gentleman with a big blue carrier bag across.

He walked across the road painfully slowly, I had time to roll my stiff neck and my eyes to the heavens and to tap my fingers on the steering wheel. I was wondering if I would ever get to the end of my to do list, or when I would get round to writing a Christmas to do list. Continue reading

Making Recycled Christmas Cards, without the glittery, gluey mess

christmas craft chaos

Bostik sent us some Glu dots and Glitter Pens, so we set about doing what we do best after a hard day at school and work: tea, biscuits and craft chaos. There was a subtle difference last night though, the Bostik products meant that when Mr A appeared at 5pm to find the table like this and us totally engrossed in what we were doing, with no thoughts of tea, it only took minutes to clear up and get tea on.  Continue reading

Roll up for the Amazing Vanishing Kitchen – Betta Living

plum-1Mr A: Shall we make a new kitchen a Christmas present to ourselves?

Our plans for a new kitchen keep getting shelved for other projects like a caravan, the dog, a new computer, or quite often just paying the mortgage. However, as Winter creeps in we find ourselves at home more, bumping into each other, trying to prep veg on one tiny surface covered in tea bags and half finished craft projects. So we are lamenting the rubbish design of our kitchen and have promised each other to tackle it in the New Year.  Continue reading

Revealing our Custom Map Wallpaper from

PicMonkey CollageWhen I was little we moved area and I remember my mum having a huge local map pinned to the wall, since then I have wanted to do something similar. So when offered me a sample of their amazing custom map wallpaper I saw a chance to make a little childhood dream come true.

Continue reading

Trees to Sprinkle on you Brekkie

Trees to sprinkle on your brekkie
Anyone else trying to be a bit good in the run up to Christmas? Breakfast is often a rush and a missed opportunity, but, I have been sent two products here which add a quick dash of vitality and winter warmth to your mornings. Plus a healthy snack with bite. Just when we need it most. Continue reading

Christmas Activities for Kids

christmas decoration

christmas decoration by stvcr, on Flickr

I don’t know about you, but it took me a while to find my stride with creating my own family Christmas: the best bits of my family, Mr A’s family and some ideas borrowed along the way. Today’s guest post in association with Parkdean Holidays has some lovely suggestions for memorable activities to add to your Christmas rituals.

During the kids’ holidays this Christmas you might want to stay on top of things and keep the excitement under wraps before the big day. Distraction is the best way to do that, so keeping the kids busy is one method to ensure a fun and peaceful Christmas. Here are some great ideas on what to do with the little ones this time of year. Continue reading