For all the single ladies, mums and dads

This isn’t an easy post to pitch, so I will probably make a lot of crap jokes. A couple of experiences over the last week made me realise how hard single parents work, and how -even though I am often found complaining about my other half’s belief in some kind of Christmas fairy – at Christmas that load gets so much bigger.

As a parent you quickly give up expecting much in the way of presents at Christmas, but when I asked some fellow bloggers what I should ask my husband to get me for Christmas, I realised how little single parents can sometimes receive. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are serious benefits to being single parents too.

So when Halifax asked me to take part in the ‘Giving Extra to Someone Special’ campaign I knew exactly who deserved to be the recipient of the gift they offered. Maybe there is a magical Christmas fairy after all.

This lady works tirelessly as a single mum to four beautiful children, one of whom is officially my goddaughter, but all of whom I try to extend something of that role to. It has been a real privilege to be in their lives and to see them grow under her amazing lead. I’ve learnt an awful lot about parenting from watching her.

She’s also the reason I started blogging. She soon realised blogging wasn’t her true love though, it was horses, they are her escape, her thing, her time away.

So I’ve bought her some special horse riding DVDs she really wanted.

There was £3 left. Do you know what the first thing that came up for £3 was when I googled horse gifts?  Sorry I couldn’t resist.

horse man

Happy Christmas to a very special horse and child whisperer.

Thanks to Halifax for providing this opportunity.

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