Fun Family Things to Do in York

Lendal Bridge

When I was little my Mum and Gran took me and my brother to York for the weekend. We thought it was a magical place, my parents had a tiresome fascination with dragging us around churches, purely from an architectural perspective, but I do remember being in awe of York Minster. Continue reading

What Lies Beneath Aruba


Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take ya Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama

Today has had epic proportions, like being in a Beach Boys song while filming an action movie, with a dash of romance.

From facing my deepest fears, to a crazy bus, to a submarine, a dramatic speed boat exit, to tearing away leaving a ship’s Captain waving on the deck and shouting my name, Aruba has it for the most epic day so far on our cruise with Carnival Breeze.

In other words, I pulled and overcame my fear of the deep. Continue reading

The cure for cervical cancer – you can help make it available

Lopinvir Soft GelLast week there was this moment. I realised I was sat metres from a man with a cure for cervical cancer. For cervical cancer in its early stages. His dulcet Mancunian tones chimed across the seminar room ‘Do you see what I mean?’ His eyes fixed on my face waiting for comprehension. My eyes burnt and I blinked back tears, this was a once in a lifetime chance to understand and I wasn’t going to let emotion get in the way. Continue reading

Welcome to #CarnivalBreeze

DSC00244 Where to start? This ship is amazing. In the picture above the kids are taking in the Lido and the Sailaway party from Miami as we set sail for the Caribbean. The ten hour flight was soon forgotten, the atmosphere so relaxing that the time difference and jet lag soon melted away. A bit of sunshine and soon we were all relaxed. Continue reading

Avert Valentines Day Meal Disasters #Win a meal cooked in your home by a Masterchef!

Its the simple things, Mr A made me a heart shaped jacket potato

I bet you have some funny or painful Valentines Day meal stories. I know I do.

I will never forget the Singles Valentines night me and my friend J threw at university. We cooked heart shaped pizzas for all our single friends. The evening was going well, wine flowing, a few sparks of romance flying, mainly though, just good friends having a blast. Continue reading

Happy Half Term, the pick of the voucher box

039/365: New shoes?

New shoes? by benjaminasmith, on Flickr

Happy half term, a few ideas to make it less painless and expensive, from the folks at I have got out the habit of checking for vouchers before I commit to buying, but there are always some bargains to be had, make day one of the holidays a PJ day, make some plans and snaffle some discounts… Continue reading

Visiting a Food Bank – Hope #Nottingham #SR14 #teamhonkrelay


It isn’t easy choosing a charity, which is why I got so involved with Comic Relief. You are rarely more than 30 miles from a Comic/Sport Relief funded project in the UK. I like the idea fundraising is helping people close to home and around the world with so many different circumstances.

Last year I visited Stonebridge City Farm, in Nottingham, this year I went to see Hope, a cafe, food, clothes and furniture bank and much more. I took Jen from LoveChicLiving with me, we are both used to writing about food, clothes and furniture in a very different context on our blogs.

Food is such a basic need. Any of us could lose our home, our health, our partner, our stability and find ourselves in need of a food bank. Looking at the floods around the UK is an unsettling reminder of how fragile our circumstances are. Continue reading