My #weektoview Tigers Tigers burning bright


Mr G was a cat in his reception year show. 90 kids in animal costume and onesies singing – very cute. He made me laugh (wrongly) by taking off his wired tail and poking it in the air during the bits where I couldn’t see him and popping up in other children’s masks. In this photo he has managed to detach most of his costume, crafty cat.

I am really proud of how well he has adjusted to school. For a wild cat it hasn’t been easy, I can’t believe how they have tamed him and channelled his raging imagination so brilliantly.

Miss L got herself covered in stickers in the last week of term, they both have been working incredibly hard, definitely time for a holiday!

We finally saw Frozen at the bargain price of £1.35 a ticket at Cineworld, Nottingham. Loved it. Then a spot of Adventure Golf at The Lost City. I will do a full post on this because it is another awesome thing to do on a rainy day in Nottingham, but here we are in action.DSC02141


On Sunday we had a major spring clean. Days out and holidays have taken their toll. Do you have those moments where you realise how much your kids have grown up? The Duplo has gone in the loft for when my nephew is big enough. Miss L sat and sorted out a messy craft box full of mixed up bits.DSC02189Wonder how long it will stay like this?


Or the pens and pencils will stay in the right pots? Must soak those jars at some point, life just feels too short at the moment!

DSC02192We spent a whole day tidying.  We drove each other bonkers. Mr A and I were talking about how much this having a tidy home matters, stuff drives me mad and I always feel guilty that the kids can’t find anything. It feels important to me that they draw and play freely, which results in lots of mess. But, on the other hand, they are also at the age where they want to spend time with us, so spending a whole Sunday tidying up seems mean too. Hopefully, we’ve broken the back of it for a while. We WILL keep on top of it.

On Sunday we were in The Mail on Sunday, you can read the full piece here, but we were interviewed about our experiences of staying with the Youth Hostelling Association. You can read more about our experiences here, sadly there are lots of myths about hostels and they have really changed, if you are looking for affordable family friendly accommodation, they are amazing.DSC02193

While I was tidying I found this. My friend and I did ‘life tarot‘ three years ago. Basically you write all your goals on pieces of paper and pull them out randomly one by one. I was amazed to see the remaining cards, which I had forgotten about, seemed to have happened all by themselves. The power of the subconscious mind eh?

One was ‘climb a mountain’, the other ‘create a magical event’, Team Honk seems to have helped me tick those two off!

So all in all quite a reflective week.

How was yours?

Penny x

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