Will the Easter Rabbit come now that we have a greyhound?


Happy Easter!

Two traditions I hate to miss at Easter. Firstly the kids waking up to find chocolate eggs hidden all round the house, or in recent years, the caravan. No mean feat in a small space with a greyhound, but the Easter Rabbit is clearly both able to access caravans and give greyhounds a run for their money.

The kids were amazed to find eggs everywhere (and that Max hadn’t eaten them).

In fact the only rabbit injured was the tiny Lindt gold one that fell in our bed in the night and got squashed. Uncharacteristically, rough, tough Mister G cried when he found it.

Secondly egg rolling is a family tradition. It was big in Lancashire where my mum grew up.

You hard boil your egg and decorate it, then head for a big hill. Or the garden. You take turns to roll and see who can go the furthest.

Like my Dad I’ve always fought to go the furthest, be in the longest and still eat my egg. This year Miss L and I were ‘in’ the longest. Mr A and Mister G like the satisfaction of smashing theirs against the garden wall.

This year though, nothing was wasted, having been denied Easter rabbit and chocolate, Max was around to pick up any leftovers.

Happy Easter!

How did you celebrate?

6 thoughts on “Will the Easter Rabbit come now that we have a greyhound?

  1. For the first time we didn’t do an egg hunt this year … mainly because the girls had seen most of the eggs prior to Easter Sunday. We did do lots of Easter crafting this year though, from making bonnets and cards to foodie crafts too.

    We have never done egg rolling and we have some big hills by us so I think we will be trying this next year!!

  2. Sounds lovely! I always do an Easter Egg hunt, but this year we’ve been doing similar hunts for several weeks (not with eggs at the end each time!) as my son is really into treasure hunts and following clues at the moment. I have plastic eggs that I hide clues in for them to follow, then an egg at the end. To make it a bit different on Easter Sunday I put different egg pictures into each one with letters on that they had to put into the right order to see where their eggs were.

    I love the sound of rolling eggs, it’s not something that I’ve ever done before but I think that my children would really enjoy it, something for me to remember next year!
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    • We used to have those plastic eggs when mine were smaller, they are fab – sadly ours have been raided now so many times for other things that there are only mismatched ones left. Definitely a fun investment – loved what you did with them in the sensory tray too!
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