Magic and Sparkle

This morning, as I was crawling through the in traffic in town, the lights changed at the pedestrian crossing to let an elderly gentleman with a big blue carrier bag across.

He walked across the road painfully slowly, I had time to roll my stiff neck and my eyes to the heavens and to tap my fingers on the steering wheel. I was wondering if I would ever get to the end of my to do list, or when I would get round to writing a Christmas to do list. Continue reading

Ad watch: Did you stay curious?

If you had to condense your life so far into a few minutes, what would the story board look like? Which would be those key moments that you featured? I would want to show myself with my babies, but is that really the best way to represent what parenthood means to me, how children fit in my life? I really like this ad, it looks beyond the cliches to more fully represent a life story. Continue reading