How do you find your inner strength?

I remember being in labour with Mister G, it was late at night, things had suddenly moved fast and I was afraid. I was given a blend of essential oils containing frankincense to help me face my fear. Every time the consultant entered the room – a formidable lady who terrified me – I sniffed the oils, and felt my fear dissolve.

Sometimes we all need a bit of help locating our inner strength…

My last visit to Eden Hall Day Spa was all about finding and honouring inner strength.  I am becoming something of a regular, but I do feel very at home at Eden Hall. Continue reading

On buying my daughter a mirror – what I see when I look in the mirror


Shortly after completing the Story of Mum project I was invited to take part in the What I see Project.  I love all these online celebrations of women, it is so empowering to see, hear and observe all these stories being told.

Go see my video on the site here, among lots of others. I love the mix of voices and amazing range of responses to that one question ‘What do you see when you look in the mirror‘. Continue reading

Aromatherapy for procrastinators

My procrastination had reached new heights. I have a new business, the words of an agent who liked the idea of my unwritten book in my head, a blog and a lovely family. So many reasons to get up and be enthused in the morning, yet once I am up, it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to power up and do stuff. Do you procrastinate?

But, I was invited to Eden Hall Spa for the launch of Aromatherapy Associates along with fellow Nottingham bloggers Jen, Amanda and Becky. I visited Eden Hall last Summer and was really impressed by the stunning location, gorgeous facilities, incredible food and the excellent value for money. It turns out I had forgotten how much I love aromatherapy too. Continue reading

Four ways to reward yourself after a hard week

Since I had kids Fridays haven’t really had the same winding down ritualistic appeal. More a case of crashing in a heap on the sofa after a gin and tonic, than going out on the town. I loved the tips in this guest post I think it is really important to mark the end of the week and wind down.

We all deserve a break after working hard all week and there is no shortage of ways to achieve this. Whether you like indulgent baths or a little bit of beautification; planning how to unwind after a difficult week can give you something luxurious to look forward to while you count down the hours to Friday. Continue reading

My ten great reasons to snack on almonds #snackhappy

I was challenged to snack on almonds, by California Almonds, for 21 days, to see if almonds could make me happier and healthier. I got a very cute little tin and 21 days worth of almonds, which is roughly 23 almonds or 30g per day.

It’s been a really good experiment, I couldn’t find anything negative to say. Here’s why I am converted: Continue reading

New Beauty Department opening at John Lewis Nottingham

Beauty Departments can be so intimidating right?

John Lewis just opened a new beauty department which I think has gone a long way to changing that.  The space feels lighter, the displays are more tactile and, well rounded.  It is a space that makes you want to float round, instead of fearing what might lurk round the corner. The counters are much more open plan and display orientated, making it easier for you to try products and for staff to come out front and mingle in a relaxed manner with customers.

My favourite additions are the Bobbi Brown and Benefit counters. Continue reading