How do charities catch your eye online?

I could really use your help this week. I’m not asking for money, or votes, just social media tips on gathering votes for charities. After #teamhonkrelay, and with blogging award season in full swing I know my readers will have some great ideas, I would love to hear from any charities reading this too.

I’m helping the often quite small charities involved in the Direct Debit Big Break for Charity initiative. Welcome to any charities reading this, I hope today’s tips are helpful! Continue reading

Get your kit ON, with Cycle Centre

Cycling gear

Cycle Centre very kindly agreed to sponsor my kit for Nottingham’s leg of the #teamhonkrelay. I might have looked like a complete amateur on the day, but underneath that Robin hood costume from Joke I was fully equipped and prepared for anything. It was a good job really as we suffered 8 punctures on the day, so lots of waiting about in the freezing cold. Continue reading

Spotlight on SSE, a Sport Relief Official Partner

sport-relief-why-were-involved_2Official Partners like SSE play an essential role in helping to raise both awareness and funds for this year’s Sport Relief. The more I get involved in Comic Relief, the more I want to know about how this all works!

Sport Relief began in 2002 and is held every two years as part of Comic Relief. In 2012 it raised a record-breaking £67.9 million — bringing the total so far to an incredible £195 million.

This month, Sport Relief 2014 will be bringing the nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives. I madly decided doing #teamhonkrelay wasn’t enough and that I would also join in the Sainsburys Sport Relief Games. So I will also be running 6 miles in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for Sport Relief.

I’ve been blogging lots about raising money through sport, but did you know there are other ways to raise money?  I am going to share three very simple ways to trigger SSE donatiing £2, £4 or maybe £6 to Sport Relief. You don’t have to be a SSE customer either.

Sport Relief Official Partner SSE are major supplier of gas, electricity, phone, broadband and heating and the largest generator of renewable energy in the UK.

As an Official Partner, we’re proud to pledge our support to a fantastic charity which helps transform the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world.

The good news from SSE is that you can still take part and make a difference without getting sweaty. SSE is offering you the chance to support Sport Relief 2014 with a few simple steps that you can complete in minutes from your phone, laptop or tablet.

This year, SSE will donate £2 for every customer who signs up for Direct Debit. SSE will also donate £2 if you switch to paperless bills. Support Sport Relief, the environment and save yourself money – huge win!

It doesn’t matter if you are not an SSE customer though.

You can still take SSE’s quick energy efficiency survey to find out how you can reduce your bills…raising a further £2 for Sport Relief 2014, donated by SSE.

SSE will also be donating £2 for each registration to SSE Reward, which will not only give you access to exclusive benefits and rewards, but you’ll also have the opportunity to win tickets to some of the best UK sport and entertainment events.

Be quick though, you only have until Monday 24th March 2014 to do this.

You can do all these things on SSE’s Sport Relief page

Disclosure – post is sponsored by SSE

Portrait: Six women inspiring #lastingchangefor International Women’s Day

Claudia the soap maker

Claudia the soap maker

Happy International Women’s Day!  AnnieTanya and I are here in Tanzania helping Comic Relief raise even more vital funds by highlighting projects that have helped women in Tanzania get jobs, start businesses and secure a future for their families and communities. It gives me great pleasure to bring all six together. Jambo! Continue reading

Meet Lucy, one of the inspiring women creating #lastingchange in Africa #iwd2014


If Africa could regain just an additional 1% share of global trade, it would earn $70 billion more in exports each year – more than double what it receives in development assistance.

Today I saw first hand that creating #lastingchange in Africa is about investing wisely in women who can take lots of other women with them on their journey to a better world.

Lucy is a woman with a mission. She wants to help others. She is a teacher by profession, like me she fell out of the profession when her husband needed to move with work, they moved from the country, to the city of Dar el Salaam, Tanzania.

She wanted to continue to teach and to further the charitable work she was doing in the country, helping orphans. But she felt lost after the move.

The UN estimates that 70% of the population of Dar es Salaam now live in slums. Continue reading

#weektoview Miami to Sheffield

DSC01161I want to stop the time flying thorough my fingers. I don’t have time to blog all the mad things that happen in a week, but some of them are really worth a mention.

I would love you to join me in the most laidback visual linky on the planet. All you do is post your week in pictures. It might be all the week in glorious technicolour, part the week, or maybe you only took one photo. Maybe the one photo says it all. Sometimes that’s the way weeks go. A chance to look back at the seven days or so that just flew past.

I’m starting as I don’t mean to go on, with the most bonkers week I’ve had in years….my life isn’t always this exciting so please, let’s still be friends?

It started with a flight home from Miami where we were recording a promotional film on board Carnival Breeze as Carnival Cruise Lines #funnestfamily. We made it look easy of course, but we did work quite hard.

Loved Miami, more on it later, it was so cool, even though we were tired!

Tuesday found me on my bike for the first time in years, cycling 50k for Sport Relief. We only had 8 punctures!


While we were cycling we hit #teamhonkrelay’s £20,000 fundraising target for Sport Relief, this photo of Lucy from Lish Concepts says it all, it really helped us through the hellish bits.DSC01200

After a day of recovering, on Thursday Jaime from The Oliver’s Madhouse and I took to the Peaks to take the baton from Chatsworth to Sheffield. it was a very long straight road and it was a very tiring walk, mainly on the muddy verges of busy A roads, but we had so much fun.

Despite the road being one long straight one, we got so lost!


Since then I’ve been trying to catch up on work, I don’t feel too bad physically, after lots of chocolate, radox and deep heat, but oh my, mentally and emotionally I am knackered. I hate being disorganised and forgetting stuff, but this week I had to accept chaos ruled.

I’ve missed this guy so much, I have been trying to curl up with a cup of tea and Max at every opportunity. Two worn out racers.

Do share your #weektoview with us. As many or as few words and pictures as you like, in whatever format you like. It would be lovely if you would comment on two of the other posts linked up too and maybe show them some social love using #weektoview.

Cheeky 😉

If like me, this week your week has been particularly crazy, you could just leave any blogs you visit a cheeky 😉 in the comments.

Some truths about female genital mutilation, by Christine #endFGM


Christine by Kate Holt/Shoot The Earth/ActionAid

Today is International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation. ActionAid’s work in ending the practice of female genital mutilation has a lasting impact. ActionAid work closely with men and women to educate people about the damaging effects to women. Tonight, thanks to ActionAid and a very brave lady, I want to hand my blog over to Christine, from Kenya and let her tell her story. Continue reading

Be afraid, be very afraid #teamhonkrelay #Nottingham

team honk test cycle nottsI have guest post from my friend Sarah today. We are doing the 50K Nottingham #teamhonkrelay cycle together for Sport Relief. Sarah and I met at a post natal group after Miss L and Legoboy were born. Whereas I love the bigger picture, ‘Let’s cycle 50 k for Sport Relief’, fortunately Sarah specialises in planning in detail.

This relay couldn’t happen without people like Sarah, happy to take the big picture and turn it into reality. Over the last few weekends she has been planning our route and posting scary pictures on facebook like this one: Continue reading

From here to Infinity – Hi-Tec help me get through Sport Relief

DSC03075If I am honest I have spent a large proportion of 2014 sitting in front of my computer on facebook with hundreds of notifications from 38 team honk groups around the country. But on Sunday that changed. On Sunday we could finally see that the Team Honk Lands End to John O Groats relay we’d dreamt about for Sport Relief was going to happen. So I closed my laptop, picked up my new Hi-Tec Infinity trainers and I went for a run. It felt amazing. Continue reading

How do I get my kids to ride a bike?


I am 5…6…maybe 7 years old. I am wobbling down one side of the cul-de-sac on my second hand red bike. Dad is holding tight to the back, running along with me. I am calling out to him.

‘You’re doing it!’ he calls. I notice his voice sounds further and further away.

‘Noooooo!’ I call, ‘waghhhhhhh! you let go!’

But I keep pedalling and I realise… I am a cyclist!

It all seems simple in my memory. Learning to ride a bike. Hmmm, fast forward to 2014 Continue reading

You know you want to….#secretthing #teamhonk2014 the UK relay

bloggersQuick recap, so you’ve signed up for a sport relief event right? Now for the warm up. I kid you not, #teamhonk2014 is flipping epically shamazing!

The important word is relay here, i.e. you can do as much or as little as you like. I might for example, just space hop to A Mummy Too‘s house, I can nearly see it from here…but that seems, well a little too easy given what I saw last year of the world…but you get my drift. You will be part of something incredible however much you do. Continue reading