Tinker with fairies and a sprinkle of pirate dust

THE PIRATE FAIRYTinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy Review

We saw a preview of Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy on Saturday, it is released on Friday 14th February. The night before we went Mr G (5) threw Miss L’s (7) Tinkerbell DVDs across the floor and pronounced them ‘Poo’ so I was interested to see how we would get on. Continue reading

Party – Harry Potter style!

Check out the video above, in which I learnt how to cast a spell like Harry Potter at Britmums Conference back in June, a useful party trick to have up your sleeve for a Harry Potter themed party. There are lots more ideas for a Harry Potter style party in this guest post: Continue reading

Ad Watch – Ads that made me smile this month

I was asked to share two ads this month, both of which I really rated, one made me laugh, one laugh and cry, can you guess which one is which?

I love the playfulness of advertising, the creativity that makes us take note and see the world from a different angle whilst grasping something we recognise too. There’s a theme emerging too… Continue reading

My boys met Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle and all I got was…

… tales of how much fun they had as guests of Mike the Knight…to stay at home and nurse a hangover…to be covered in make up by my daughter while I felt sorry for myself on the sofa…to watch her ride a pony in a hot stinky shed. Okay, actually we loved our girls’ day, especially the make up and pony riding, but the boys did rave about Warwick Castle.

Mr A did a good job of capturing it. Helped, I might add, by the child who refuses to stand still for a photograph being too entranced to do a runner. Continue reading

Have you seen the new Evian babies Ad? You should!

I wasn’t sure about this one at first, I was told the first Evian babies campaign went viral. This didn’t grab me at first, but then…wow it just had me grinning. Very cool, very cute and very life affirming. Love a great advert, especially on a Monday morning that has been pretty slow going.

Sponsored post – I am paid to post ads from time to time. As an ex media teacher I choose to share ones I love, but I am not paid per click.

Easter Survival Pack

National Trust/ Simon Burgess

I’ve been sent some lovely bits and bobs recently which I thought might come in handy for the Easter holidays. Best bit is lots of it is free, or really cheap and can be ordered, or organised online. It’s the little things right? Continue reading

Guest Post: Mutton dressed as lamb: are we ever too old for pink hair?

Dame Helen Mirren caused a stir at the BAFTAs recently by stepping onto the red carpet with her classic blonde locks dyed a wild baby pink. When asked why she opted for such an eye-catching and youthful hair colour, 67-year-old Mirren simply replied “I just thought it’d be fun!”

It’s certainly a fun look for the red carpet, but can women over fifty really pull off such cutting-edge style without looking like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’? Well, the evidence seems stacked against the out-dated phrase. Style icon Joanna Lumley certainly thinks the idea is old-fashioned nonsense: “I think it’s important for women to be daring and not worry what people say … I love what people might call mutton-dressed-as-lamb shops.” Continue reading

Sea Life Centre, plus Blue Planet #giveaway

Ladbrokes are celebrating one of their new promotions, an Octopays game, so wondered if we would fancy a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. I won’t lie, it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. Continue reading

Cosy cable knits and snug siren dresses at Per Una

A little sneak preview from the folks at Marks and Spencer into what is in store with the Per Una collection. It stars Amber Valetta, who happened to play Madison in What Lies Beneath, one the films I spent hours deconstructing with my A level Media Studies students, when we were learning how to make thriller films.

Instead I am deconstructing fashion today, I couldn’t do head to toe Per Una, but I have been thrilled by some really stand out jackets and cardigans there in the past. I love the cut of the dress, the black cable knit looks toasty and the the lines of the white linen jumper are lovely.

comissioned post

Back to School

Back in September I was debating whether to go back to teaching after Mr G starts school. Well last month I went back into a secondary school for the first time in years. Only this time instead of teaching, I was producing and presenting a short film for the publishers I do some freelance education consultancy for. Continue reading

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises at Wollaton Hall

The stunning Elizabethan Wollaton Hall, in Nottingham, became Bruce Wayne’s mansion in the recent Warner Brothers DVD release Batman The Dark Knight Rises. With a deer park, lake cafe and house full of stuffed animals and other curiosities, Wollaton is one of my favourite places for a family walk in Nottingham. Continue reading