We’re so excited!

Excitement is really mounting, rather like this 10 second snippet of L’s happy dance at last year’s Camp Bestival. Only a few sleeps to go and we’ve been lying on her bed tonight talking about all the things we want to do together while we are there.

I am now especially excited about the sing along Jungle Book screening and the paper plane world record breaking launch to celebrate Disney’s Planes. The prospect of sneaking some cocktails with some fellow bloggers in the Bollywood Bar is also very appealing. I can’t wait to see Ash and The Levellers. And that’s just me… Continue reading

My definitive #CampBestival Packing list

I think this year I might have cracked it. My definitive Camp Bestival Packing List. Last year I had lots of help and advice, which I have added on to last year’s list. It will keep growing I know, so keep hitting me with what I missed in the comments!

I’ve just reviewed  kattoos temporary phone number tattoos and ear defenders, the giveaway on those two has closed, but I have a fab melamine camping set to giveaway still. I’ve also just reviewed a Coleman cool box on wheels and double sleeping bag. I’m loving the Olpro range of tents, sleeping bags, windbreaks and melamine dinner set, for bringing a splash of colour and coordination to camp. We’ve also played with festival tents you can paint from Outwell.

Here’s my account of Camp Bestival last year which gives more background on some of the things on the list as well as our fab experience! If you’d rather see it there’s also a video here. Even queuing for the toilets is fun, not that we ever had to queue for long at all, in fact the toilets were pretty impressive. So, on to the Camp Bestival Packing List!
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What’s on your Summer Holiday Playlist?

If we took a  holiday…took some time to celebrate…just one day out of life…HOLIDAY! …it would be so nice…

As I type I am listening to Madonna’s holiday. it is giving my typing a funky rhythm and when I get stuck I pause to click my fingers, try it, it is a guaranteed mood lifter!

Cumbrian-Cottages.co.uk sent me this  family friendly summer holiday playlist they have put together on Spotify, which got me thinking, what would you put on your family’s summer holiday playlist? Continue reading

First Guitar: Herald Classic Acoustic Guitar

Maplins sent us a Herald Classic Acoustic Guitar to review. Despite many years of piano lessons I am just not very musical, so I asked Mr A to test it out. Long ago he played bass in a band, they played lots of funk and Chillis covers. He still has a collection of electric guitars, but has been saying for a while an acoustic one would be great.

Being a guitar snob Mr A did say he would probably try and pay a little bit more for a first guitar, when buying a guitar spending more can make it easier to play, and the sound much better. However, this one is very reasonably priced at £54.99, and for the price Mr A felt the sound was good, it was easy to tune and pretty easy to play. Plus kids are fickle, I know I was, so this could be a good way to test the waters without breaking the bank.

It comes with a case, instruction DVD, tuning pipes and spare guitar strings.

It is great to have in the house, Mr A has been picking it up to play for the kids and Mr G especially has been racing round doing rock star impressions. So perhaps from our point of view we should probably of gone for a 3/4 one, which Maplins also stock. These are a real bargain at £39.99, I’d be tempted to buy one as a toy, instead of those noisy plastic light up battery powered ones, and throw in some lessons as they get older.

Look, he even managed to tempt a reluctant Miss L to play.

Camp Bestival Line Up 2013

We had an amazing time at Camp Bestival last year, so I was looking forward to see the line up for 2013! We’re most excited about the Levellers and Horrible Histories in the Alexander Residence, although I firmly believe you have to go with the flow, you will have great fun whatever you end up seeing.

I’ve linked up my packing and review posts and a video below in case you fancy some more insights into what a family festival with a 3 and a 5 year old is like, plus our tips on making the most of it!

Our packing…

Camp Bestival: We fell in love Continue reading

Planning our next gig

At the end of last year I went to see the Levellers at Rock City with Amanda from the Ana Mum Diary, her husband Tall Dad and his friend. As Tall Dad listed all the gigs they had been to I realised how long it was since Mr A and I went to a gig.

Mr A loves rock and I am more of an Indie/Folk girl so although we both enjoy bits of each other’s music, Pop is where we tend to compromise and a guilty pleasure. I remember we went to see Take That in Manchester just after Mr G was born. It was an incredible show, really theatrical and had stunning effects. So when I heard there were Robbie Williams tickets available on Stub Hub I thought that might be perfect. So many classic tunes, guaranteed to be a good laugh I think.

Thinking a bit harder I think the last gig might have been the Foo Fighters last Spring. I even made a video it was such a rare event.

Now it is coming back to me, we did gig at Camp Bestival last Summer, but that was with kids in tow, literally, they were tucked up happily in sleeping bags and ear defenders in a trolley while we slept. But when you have to rack your brains so hard to recall your last gig or night out together it is a sign don’t you think?

Dad gave us some money for a night out and a babysitting voucher for Christmas. I am thinking a gig rather than a posh meal might be the way forward.

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There’s only one way of life

This week I was lucky enough to see The Levellers at Rock City, Nottingham.  When I first met Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary in a cafe in Nottingham last Autumn, I didn’t expect to be dancing on the tables at a Levellers gig a year later, but there we were. It was a brilliant evening.

So many amazing songs and such a warm, smiley audience who had clearly grown up with the band. As the night unfolded, my memories did too,

the girl from 15 years ago…


I remembered dancing to them aged 16/7 at Glastonbury, swinging arm to arm country dancing style with my best mates in the sunshine…

I met you in 82, over a crate of beer and not a few
I cracked a can and so did you, we’re going to change the world.

Mix tapes from old friends…

What a beautiful day (hey hey)
I’m the king of all time
And nothing is impossible
In my all powerful mind

Buying One Way on 12″ in a record shop in the back streets of Manchester nearly 20 years ago…

And we choked on all our dreams
We whispered all our fears
Running through the heartless concrete streets
Chasing our ideas.  Run.

Being a long way from home, in Moscow, on a theatre tour, listening to This Garden…

Blood, sweat and tears,

Really don’t matter,

Just the things that you do,

In this garden.

All those hopes and dreams from your youth, all that rebellious energy. It’s good to be reminded of that. A psychologist once told me that 17 is when many of your preferences in life are formed, so it makes sense that the music that takes you back to that age is so very powerful. These have to be my favourite lyrics and the ones I will hold a little closer:

Thanks so much Amanda and Tall Dad, and friend for extending your spare ticket to me.

Are you a Levellers fan? Which lyrics stick in you head?

Not Nineteen Anymore

Every now and again I feel like I have totally lost touch with music. I look back at the days spent drooling devouring every inch of the NME and wonder what happened to that girl who liked music. Her stereo broke, her iTunes died with her old laptop, she got kids and there was never spare minute to sort out the musical mess she was in. Continue reading