Vision direct to my door

Last week was a funny old week, something happened that really made me angry. I kind of knew it might happen, but it still seemed unfair. A tension headache set in I couldn’t shift. Then I found the answer on You Tube. Two days of hot baths, neck stretching videos, a strong painkiller and some relaxation exercises and it finally shifted this morning.

The rain cleared, the sun came out today and Vision Direct sent me some new sunglasses to review. Appropriately enough they are Versace, which ties in rather well with our cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines, we will be sailing from Venice on Saturday, around Italia making a film and taking lots of photos to document family cruising from a first timers perspective. Continue reading

Hotter Shoes Review: You can take the girl out of Cheshire…

My demure ‘looking’ daughter modelling the beautiful Hotter Shoes Cheshire Boot I have been invited to review.

This is part two of our mother and daughter shopping trip. After spending the morning trying on clothes, we focussed the afternoon on shoes. L chose some studded suede ankle boots, then it was my turn. Continue reading

Dressing up: Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis

Miss L and I had a fab time at Nottingham John Lewis, with Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary, Jen from Love Chic Living and Lucy from Mummy Lish, and their girls. We were invited to preview, and even try on, the new Somerset by Alice Temperley Collection for John Lewis, ahead of it hitting the store this week. Continue reading

Bostik Back to School Heros

Bostik back to School HerosIf you are phaffing about trying to get school trousers to the right length, trying to get important school paperwork in the right place and/ or restocking pencil cases Bostik have some innovative products to consider. We gave them all a trial this Summer.

I love Sew Simple Fabric glue, we reviewed it here, it is great for hems, name labels, repairs to uniform and sports kit. Since my last review, Mr A has used it to successfully patch four pairs of jeans which all had small holes. Continue reading

Summer Dresses – Which do you like best?

I think I did rather well for £91. I needed a dress for a wedding in London, a Cornish camping wedding, and for Summer in general. Zalando is a great place to hunt down a specific style of dress, there’s a huge choice so it makes it easy to track down styles and colours that suit you and your budget.

1. Warehouse Chevron Maxi Dress £45

2. Anna Field red Summer Dress £17

3. Vera Moda Grey Summer Dress with yellow spots £29 Continue reading

Easter Survival Pack

National Trust/ Simon Burgess

I’ve been sent some lovely bits and bobs recently which I thought might come in handy for the Easter holidays. Best bit is lots of it is free, or really cheap and can be ordered, or organised online. It’s the little things right? Continue reading

One Size Fits All – Our Universal Love Affair with the Maxi Dress

Today I got my trainers out and went for a freezing run. I have come out of hibernation and into exercise very late this year. Getting into summer clobber is at the back of my mind, , but we all know April is only two weeks away, and can be scorching, so I found today’s fashion guest post very reassuring.

While the snow may argue otherwise, spring has finally made an appearance – and about time! Now that the sun is scheduled to make an overdue appearance, we can come out of hibernation, wriggle out of our chrysalis of scarves, hats and coats and spread our fashion wings into the exciting realm of summer chic. Continue reading

Twiggy’s fashion tips

Who better to give tips on fashion than Twiggy, she’s only had 45 years experience in the industry. Here she gives a snappy run down on what’s hot in 2013. More importantly Twiggy’s fashion tips are about tricks to make fashion work for you. Be brave, dip in, find something new!

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Personalised Gift Wrap they’ll never forget – Paper Themes

Personalised wedding wrapping paper

Personalised wedding wrapping paper

What do you do with old wrapping paper? Sometimes it is just so beautiful I can’t bring myself to part with it, it goes in a special box for crafty projects or card making.

When I inherited my mum’s Edwardian dressing table it arrived complete with old wrapping paper she had used to line the drawers. It must have been decades old, a bold geometric seventies print. I often wonder where it came from and what made it significant enough to not be recycled or thrown away. Mum must have liked it, perhaps it came from someone special. Miss L loved it too, so we used some to paper a room in her doll’s house. Continue reading


Polarno O Pyret

Polarno O Pyret spotty dress

Miss L got wind of the fact I am away with work for a few days soon, so we agreed to calm her wobbles about missing me with a mum and daughter morning. It was also two years to the day since my Mum died, so finding mother and daughter time seemed like the right thing for the day.

I’ve been reading lots about Oliver James’s book Lovebombing, the idea of resetting a child’s emotional thermostat through quality time together, where they set the agenda. So I let Miss L choose the activities. We baked cakes that didn’t rise properly because she didn’t want to go and buy the right ingredients, we iced them with brown, vanilla flavoured glace icing and a whole box of sprinkles. Continue reading