Crime Narratives and preventing burglary

Time for a more grown up approach to burglars?

My favourite television programmes are crime ones. I’ve never really questioned why until a conversation I had recently with friends about burglaries.

As Mr A and I sit there watching the third or fourth back to back episode of Breaking Bad (I know late adopters) or The Mentalist, or whatever crime narrative we can get our hands on for the evening, it never makes me feel particularly unsettled. All this goes on beneath the happy suburban bubble I inhabit. Continue reading

Ad watch: Did you stay curious?

If you had to condense your life so far into a few minutes, what would the story board look like? Which would be those key moments that you featured? I would want to show myself with my babies, but is that really the best way to represent what parenthood means to me, how children fit in my life? I really like this ad, it looks beyond the cliches to more fully represent a life story. Continue reading

Have you seen the new Evian babies Ad? You should!

I wasn’t sure about this one at first, I was told the first Evian babies campaign went viral. This didn’t grab me at first, but then…wow it just had me grinning. Very cool, very cute and very life affirming. Love a great advert, especially on a Monday morning that has been pretty slow going.

Sponsored post – I am paid to post ads from time to time. As an ex media teacher I choose to share ones I love, but I am not paid per click.

Play The Voice Bingo

The Voice is back. We’ve been enjoying having something to watch as a family again on a Saturday night. How lovely to have the family unified in criticising other people’s singing, especially when we can barely manage to sing Happy Birthday to each other in tune. Actually scrap that, that’s the X Factor. Watching The Voice is generally a pretty positive experience, we like trying to guess who will turn around and which mentor the singers will pick. We like the predictable banter between mentors – what a cracking team they are.

If you’ve been watching The Voice you might enjoy this print out and keep The Voice Bingo card, courtesy of Ladbrokes, it’s pretty spot on and has the formula down to a tee, see that’s what makes proper Saturday Night light family entertainment.

The Voice Bingo Card

Bingo Card Provided By Ladbrokes Bingo.

Advertising Watch – Andrex

dawn porter washlets andrex

Dawn O’ Porter filming the advert for Washlets

One of the best things about teaching Media Studies was unpicking the adverts. Ads are short and simple but jam packed with clever stuff. So I thought I might make advertising watch a bit of a feature here on my blog. Like Spring watch or Autumn watch but instead of spotting nature’s trends I’ll unpick some advertising ones.

So we all know mums and babies are a real trend in advertising, if it is good enough for a newborn it has to be amazing right? So are the mums at the baby yoga class going to convince you that your bottom needs this? Continue reading

Sea Life Centre, plus Blue Planet #giveaway

Ladbrokes are celebrating one of their new promotions, an Octopays game, so wondered if we would fancy a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. I won’t lie, it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. Continue reading

It’s the motherhood, it’s another hood.

Word to your moms I came to drop bombs. Word. This new ad from Fiat is da bomb.

It’s the motherhood, it’s another hood, once you’re in, you’re in for good.

Okay so that’s about as far as my rap speak goes, but I was asked to share this promotional video for Fiat and it’s hilarious. It drops bombs on a media world saturated by rose tinted representations of motherhood and tells it like it is. Continue reading

Poppy Cat DVD Review…exploring our feline side.

Do you remember King Rollo?  When kid’s telly was simple?  I’ve discovered something that rekindles that joy.  Poppy Cat. Lionsgate presented the first Poppy Cat DVD, Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures on 3rd September 2012 and we were sent a copy to review.

King Rollo Films produced Poppy Cat for Nick Jr, so it has that wholesome, old school animation feel. It’s beautifully observed and colourful animation with happy-go-lucky music which makes you feel a whole lot better about the world. I love the sketchy drawing style, it feels like the characters came to life and hopped off the artist’s pad. The Guardian called it ‘the soothing soundtrack to your feeble attempt at a weekend lie-in’ and they’re right, it is soothing (and my lie ins are feeble).

I thought mine might be a bit old for the DVD, although they were transfixed by the reading from Lara Jones’ Poppy Cat books at Lollibop:

Poppy Cat at Lollibop

But how wrong was I? Just a few quotes from 3yo Mr G from the last week:

‘Poppy Cat, Poppy cat, yay I love Poppy Cat! ‘

‘Mummy I Love Poppy cat!’

‘When I gorw up I will have a cat and it will be called Poppy Cat!’

‘Yay! SCREEEAAAAM! We’re watching Poppy Cat!’

‘Mummy, Poppy Cat is my favourite’

‘Mummy tell me a Poppy Cat bedtime story.’

And so on and so forth.  I will not quote my 3 year old any further (or tell you the way he says Poppy Cat is unbelievably cute and makes my heart melt). Instead I will disclose he believes he is a cat, so perhaps Poppy Cat was destined to appeal.

Mr G and friend exploring their feline side

However, my soon -to-be-6 -year-old also loved Poppy Cat which pleased me immensely as we are beginning to struggle to entertain both children with the same programmes and when she says things are babyish it makes me just a bit sad that’s she’s growing up so fast. Poppy Cat is so heart-warming and beautifully made, it’s kind of ageless.

‘Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures’ is available at all good retailers with a RRP of £12.99. It is two hours long, with 11 episodes and includes a buy one get one free voucher to Chessington World of Adventures.  It also features the lush voice of Gavin and Stacey’s Joanna Page. (Aha, so that explains why it is so soothing).

For more information on the pre-school series and DVD launch, visit, or become a fan of Poppy Cat’s on Facebook or Twitter