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little legacy A small thing handed down by a predecessor

Little legacy started as a remembrance project , a positive and creative space, to celebrate small things handed down by predecessors.  

I started to write down a list of little legacies when I realised my mum was dying from brain cancer.  It has become a list of things my mum did which have changed my life in some way. Gifts that didn’t cost money, or even a great deal of time. 

If your life is a patchwork quilt, then imagine some squares have a story, connected to someone else, that you’ve held on to, treasured, maybe even lived your life by, that’s a little legacy.  Sometimes they pop up when you least expect them.  

It’s about small things and celebration.  After Mum died in January 2011, Little Legacy started as a space to share memories and thoughts as I came to terms with my bereavement. I introduced a linky to connect other people who have loved and lost.  

As time passed I felt ready to look to the future again, and to think about my own little legacies.   I started to make a Memory Book, capturing my own childhood, and the characters in it.

Little Legacy now has its own site

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  14. I’m sat here blubbing and laughing at the same time! It seems your Mum was as wonderful and as loved as mine and it’s a huge comfort to me that other people feel the same things I do! Thank you for sharing.
    Mary at Keynko recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

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