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    How to choose the right coloured cushions for your home

    see Choosing cushions can be trickier than it seems. What should be a fun, frivolous task can sometimes leave me wondering how on earth I have spent quite so long pondering over images of fluffy squares online. My biggest mistake is to get drawn into trends in shops, or cushions I just love, without thinking of the bigger picture of the whole room itself. So, here are some of my favourite tips for choosing the right coloured cushions.

    buy Tastylia online without prescription First of all, take a long look at the whole room and not just the sofa, take a photo on your phone or do your online cushion shopping in the room you are looking to furnish. Look at overall colours, pictures and objects that stand out. This way themes or colours that truly work for the space are more likely to jump out at you. Continue reading

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    Dining Rooms For Dinner Parties: Are You Making The Most Of Yours?

    here Dining Rooms For Dinner Parties: Are You Making The Most Of Yours?

    watch Do you have a dining room? We had one in our last house, but the Victorians didn’t live like we did and so it always seemed like too much hassle to carry food through to it. We ate in the kitchen, but sometimes that felt chaotic, especially if guests came over. Our dining room became a playroom for a couple of years, then a second living room nobody went in, then a much neglected place where clutter gathered. The issue with dining rooms is that many people never use them to their full advantage. After all, we eat every day and mealtimes are a really important part of home life. Continue reading

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    What Brings Warmth To Your Home?

    strategia al rialzo opzioni binarie What Brings Warmth To Your Home? What’s your definition of the ideal home? For a lot of people, the perfect nest offers protection for their family, a welcoming and relaxing interior decor, and a sense of warmth. Home is the place that keeps us warm, from the cold weather and as an emotional space for us to let go of our everyday stress. Home should be full of physical and emotional warmth. Continue reading

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    Moving House: Crucial Preparations For All Modern Homeowners

    opciones binarias opiniones moving house

    go to site Amidst the excitement of moving home, it’s very easy to overlook so many things. Unfortunately, so many of these can lead to long-term hassle. The only way to pull it off is to get organised, and creating a checklist, or series of checklists, really helps you stay sane. I also found setting aside blocks of time to do tasks like updating people of my new address, rather than hoping they will happen in time, helped massively. Continue reading

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    Bringing The Vintage Back Into Your Home

    What’s your favourite vintage? Vintage means something different for everyone. Some people like to think it’s from the 80s with crazy colours and geometric designs. Some think it’s the 50s with polka dots and hair bows. However, it can mean anything, as long as it’s nostalgic and we don’t see it much anymore in the here and now.

    I love to mix old and new and it’s what makes my house feel like home. I love things that have history and tell a story, but I don’t want to feel like I am living in the past, so my home and our holiday let is a delicate balancing act. I’m more of an Edwardian and Victorian lover myself, but it’s more about the story and whether an object grabs me and interests me.

    Last week I looked at how to bring some class back into our rooms with some simple touches; it’s now time to do the same for vintage. No matter the timeframe you want to work with, here’s some tips for incorporating some more vintage items into your home. Continue reading

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    How to outsource switching energy supplier, for free.


    I don’t know about yours, but our energy bills have been eye-watering this Winter. It has been a particularly cold winter, but also moving to a very open-plan cottage on a hill top, with a boiler that celebrates it’s silver installation anniversary and is fuelled by a tank, rather than on mains gas, was always going to be costly.

    While we’re working on a longer term solution to bring down the costs of our energy supply, I’ve discovered I can completely outsource switching to the best energy supplier deal via Look After My Bills.

    I’ve always been wary of energy switching, because it seems like a phaff, and I like to be loyal to green energy suppliers, but I discovered Look After My Bills can do green energy too, so there was no reason for us  not to sign up. In fact The Big Deal, who provide the free Look After My Bills service, carried out the largest ever mass consumer switch to renewable energy. Continue reading

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    Taking the Leap and Making the Move Abroad

    Taking the Leap and Making the Move abroad

    While many of us feel happiest living in the place that we were born and raised, some of us dream of taking a leap and moving much further afield. Not just across to the next city. Perhaps across an ocean.

    Last summer we made a big move to the countryside, to the edge of the Peak District, just an hour from our previous home, but closer to the town where my husband and I grew up. It’s a very different life, but one that I absolutely love. I feel like I finally found my place. I’ve never had the urge to live abroad, but often regretted not trying it at least once. Who know once the kids are older maybe we will buy a house in the sun by the sea like the couple we bought our home from. Continue reading

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    4 Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Furniture

    4 Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Furniture

    As 2018 begins to finally bed in, I’m finally beginning to think about the spring. It’s been a long, often harsh, winter, battling off a big bout of SAD and I cannot wait to feel the warmth of sunshine and enjoy longer days in the garden. Moving here to our house on a hill top overlooking the Peak District, in the heat of May sunshine last year feels like a dream. Our first holiday barn guests have been and gone, new ones checked in, and now that project is settling in, I’m beginning to think I might have time for the veg patches… Continue reading

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    Space Issues? Consider A Garden Room

    Space Issues, try garden room

    A garden room can be a perfect solution to space issues in your home or it could simply be a retreat – a space to call your own. I’ve had my eye on both our barn and vintage caravan as places to work, but they are both destined to be let to holidaymakers, with the barn welcoming it’s first guests this weekend. Garden rooms have many uses, it could be a home gym, an office, a playroom for the kids or could even be transformed into a home salon. Continue reading

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    How to Use Lighting to Create a Focal Point

    How to Use Lighting to Create a Focal Point

    Lighting is probably the most important part of any interior: it is how you create accents, add interest and change the atmosphere of the whole room. Though your main lights will certainly illuminate the room, you can add so much feeling via alternative lighting solutions like lamps, fairy lights or decorative lighting. Continue reading