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You can hire me to write blog posts, content, copy, articles or education resources, to make a video, or to work or consult on PR campaigns.

I’m a confident speaker, facilitator and workshop leader and an award winning blogger and vlogger.

I edit the Britmums video round up and contribute to the monthly Tots 100 Brand Panel feeding back on campaigns involving blogger outreach. This year I led a panel discussion at Britmums on Brand ambassadors. Here’s some examples of my work outside my blog:

Nottingham Post – Monthly column

Kodak – Blog posts for the Big App blog

YHA – video review of a stay in a family room

Miss L and Mr G made a guided tour video of a YHA family room, with a little help from me 😉

Lazy Daisy – Weekly blog post for a leading ante and post natal course provider.

Lakeside Arts Centre I am blogger in residence and preview and review arts events for families.

Quib.ly I am an education writer for Quib.ly, the community at the crossroads between parenting and technology

My Voucher Codes blog – Christmas Shopping for Children, the Golden Rules

Amazing People Club – I produced and presented this video for the education department of this inspirational publisher

Victoria Plumb and Bathroom Connections  – I filmed and edited a before and after video of a bathroom makeover featuring Becky, over at Family Budgeting.

Netmums I contribute blog posts and have made video for advertorial pages and the Netmums You Tube Channel:

Toothbrushing video filmed and edited for Aquafresh advertorial on Netmums

Accepting my Video Blogging award

I am happy to blog about products or services so long as I’m reciprocated (in payment or goods) for my time and I love them enough to tweet, facebook, blog and Instagram them ’til the cows come home. They need to be meaningful to my family and in line with our lifestyle and collective jumble of values and interests (which include – boy aged 4 and girl aged 6, fun, games, play, toys, education, creativity, video games, technology, arts, film, theatre, music, the North, the East Midlands, books, writing, cooking, vegetarianism, organic, green, the great outdoors, happy camping and caravanning, fast cars, toy cars, doll’s houses, home improvements, organisation, chocolate, cakes, pies, clothes, make up, dressing up, shoes, stripy things).

If you would like to see my media pack please contact me. I’m Penny. I’m happy to brainstorm ideas until we find something that works well for me, you, and my readers.

To see reviews go here.  My favourite to date is this one.

In line with the Britmums Blog with Integrity campaign, I will:

  • Make transparent any relationships with products or companies:
  • Clearly label advertising, advertorials and/or sponsored posts; I will use the terms sponsored post, featured post or commissioned post/guest post to denote posts where I have received payment. I will always discuss products honestly and only write in role as a consumer, if I have consumed the product involved.
  • Always write as truthfully as possible about a product or company;
  • Observe intellectual property rights.
© All content on these pages is the intellectual property of the author, unless otherwise stated, and may not be used or reproduced under any circumstances without permission. © Penny Alexander 2010-13

4 thoughts on “Hire Me

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  3. Hi,

    I’ve recently been looking at your website and have been impressed with the content as it’s well-written and particularly relevant to a project I’m involved with.

    I am currently working for a client in the UK travel sector and we are looking to position links to their website from content relating to family orientated weekend breaks, trips and travels around the UK. I think your blog would be related as our client often talks about family orientated activities, and hosts events related to hobbies from cookery to fencing to dancing.

    If you have plans to write about travel, weekend breaks or activities all associated with the family theme in the near future then I would like to know if it is possible to add a link or two into the content? We would need it to be a minimum of 350 words and include 2 do-follow links.

    Would this be something you would be interested in working with us on?

    Please let me know if this is a possibility.



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