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– I live in Nottingham, UK with my husband,  two children and a retired greyhound.

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Alexander Residence won a Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Fresh Voice Award in 2010

And a Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Video Blogging Award in 2012

And a Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Commentary Award in 2013 with Team Honk and was a finalist in Video.

Outstanding Contribution Finalist in the 2014 Mad Blog Awards.

You can hear me on the radio:  Africa on Woman’s Hour

You can find out why Britmums voted me Blogger of the week and why Geek Mummy used my About page as an example of good practice.

You can find out more about the East Midlands blogger event I organised here and below in the Nottingham Post

Here’s why I vlog and some examples of my vlogging, (apologies I normally vlog in HD, as you’ll see from most of the clips).

If you want to know a little more about the rest of my family…

Not our actual front door

Mr A – Runs his own games and app company.  Off the scale ‘P’ in Myers Briggs personality test talk, spontaneous and flexible.  I’m off the scale the other way ‘J’, a planner and organiser who likes things settled.  Go Team Alexander, wherever that takes us (I’ve got the babywipes, the snacks, the map…)

Miss L – My firstborn, headstrong, determined and seven.  Crazy blonde curly hair which she didn’t get from me. Freckles which she did.

Mr G – A very happy five year old camper who isn’t fazed by much, but aka as Am Dram for the amateur dramatic meltdown moments he took to performing on hitting the terrible twos (he may have got that from me).

Max – the greyhound we adopted from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust. Tall, dark, handsome, loyal. Loves walks, sleeping and soft toys.

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  2. Penny
    Just had a very cosmic moment when I’ve been looking at the Castleton YHA website. All of a sudden L was there giving me a guided tour. A great job! Was it lovely as it looks great (my husband is there at the moment?!?) Harriet very much enjoyed your talk when you went into school and I love your blog/ page.

    Best wishes
    Alison (Harriet’s Class 7 Mum)

    • Hello Alison 🙂 How funny! Thanks do much for letting me know. How did you husband get on? We loved it, it really is something special. It was great to do that assembly, they were all so lovely and keen to hear more. Catch you in the playground. Thank you. Penny x

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    Many thanks

    Sam Butterworth

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  7. Hi Penny

    I manage the PR for YHA. The Mail on Sunday is doing a feature on YHA and how modern and welcoming it is for families. He wants to interview a family that is a fan of Youth Hostels and also do a photo. We immediately thought of you.
    Unfortunately, Kirstie who you dealt with originally, has now left the organisation and we don’t have your contact details to hand, hence getting in touch with you this way. Please would you get in touch and I’ll tell you more about it.

    Kind regards


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