Will the Easter Rabbit come now that we have a greyhound?


Happy Easter!

Two traditions I hate to miss at Easter. Firstly the kids waking up to find chocolate eggs hidden all round the house, or in recent years, the caravan. No mean feat in a small space with a greyhound, but the Easter Rabbit is clearly both able to access caravans and give greyhounds a run for their money.

The kids were amazed to find eggs everywhere (and that Max hadn’t eaten them).

In fact the only rabbit injured was the tiny Lindt gold one that fell in our bed in the night and got squashed. Uncharacteristically, rough, tough Mister G cried when he found it.

Secondly egg rolling is a family tradition. It was big in Lancashire where my mum grew up.

You hard boil your egg and decorate it, then head for a big hill. Or the garden. You take turns to roll and see who can go the furthest.

Like my Dad I’ve always fought to go the furthest, be in the longest and still eat my egg. This year Miss L and I were ‘in’ the longest. Mr A and Mister G like the satisfaction of smashing theirs against the garden wall.

This year though, nothing was wasted, having been denied Easter rabbit and chocolate, Max was around to pick up any leftovers.

Happy Easter!

How did you celebrate?

What have you got planned for the Easter break?


My strategy for the school holidays is to write a list with the kids of the things they want to do. This normally means I cannot fail disappoint them, and when they get to the end of the holiday they have a sense of accomplishment. At this age their ideas are normally not too ambitious, the picture above is Miss L’s list from last half term. The worrying stick man pose denotes yoga in case you were wondering. There’s a trip to the park, an indoor picnic and meeting some friends.

This time for once, I am ahead of myself and I have some tricks up my sleeve too.

See a show

I really want to take them to a show in London at some point, if not this holiday then in the Summer.  Travel Zoo have some cheap deals for the theatre in London.

Closer to home,the stage adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s I was a Rat premières at Nottingham Playhouse over Easter, Miss L are looking forward to seeing it this week. I’m excited about taking her to theatre that is a bit more grown up and sharing a more physical style of theatre with her. I fell in love with physical theatre, when I was a drama student.


photo by Oriana; via Flickr http://bit.ly/10A0fAR

This is a right ‘trick up my sleeve’, but thanks to the Bolognian Tourist Information I am taking part in a #socialmediafreetrip to Bologna, Italy. My Dad, a huge foodie, is excited about joining us. The kids are beyond excited about eating Bologna out of ice cream, tortellini and pizza. Expect lots of Instagram shots of Dad drinking expressos to try and keep pace, me wearing sunnies and sitting in beautiful plazas and the kids chasing pigeons.

Make a Kite

MAKE AND FLY A KITE from robcowen on Vimeo.

I’ve been reading Skimming Stones by Rob Cowen and Leo Critchley.after meeting Rob at a National trust event, so when he sent us all a video on how to make a kite I was inspired to try it myself with the kids. Skimming Stones is all about finding simple, forgotten skills that help us to interact with nature and achieve a deeper connection with our surroundings. Which leads neatly onto…


I want to explore Nottingham Forest, (the woodland, not the football team). It is sad to think so much of this area must have been woodland in Robin Hood’s time, and I feel like every time we try and find the forest I think ‘Is this it?’ but I think we must have missed a huge chunk, so that can be our quest. I am hoping the Forestry Commission can help me find it.


I have Maggy’s new book Red Ted Art up my sleeve, along with tea and biscuits, for a couple of afternoons of happy family crafting.

What you up to?

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