Golfing at The Lost City


Last week we got to try adventure golf at The Lost City in Nottingham’s Corner House. You can play either 18 or 36 holes indoors in the fabulous exotic Incas themed course. This is a great concept with appeal to a wide range of groups – families, stag and hen dos, corporate groups, couples, teens and those wanting something a bit more active to do in the city centre. They also have lots of Easter treats in store.

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My #weektoview Tigers Tigers burning bright


Mr G was a cat in his reception year show. 90 kids in animal costume and onesies singing – very cute. He made me laugh (wrongly) by taking off his wired tail and poking it in the air during the bits where I couldn’t see him and popping up in other children’s masks. In this photo he has managed to detach most of his costume, crafty cat.

I am really proud of how well he has adjusted to school. For a wild cat it hasn’t been easy, I can’t believe how they have tamed him and channelled his raging imagination so brilliantly.

Miss L got herself covered in stickers in the last week of term, they both have been working incredibly hard, definitely time for a holiday! Continue reading

Visiting a Food Bank – Hope #Nottingham #SR14 #teamhonkrelay


It isn’t easy choosing a charity, which is why I got so involved with Comic Relief. You are rarely more than 30 miles from a Comic/Sport Relief funded project in the UK. I like the idea fundraising is helping people close to home and around the world with so many different circumstances.

Last year I visited Stonebridge City Farm, in Nottingham, this year I went to see Hope, a cafe, food, clothes and furniture bank and much more. I took Jen from LoveChicLiving with me, we are both used to writing about food, clothes and furniture in a very different context on our blogs.

Food is such a basic need. Any of us could lose our home, our health, our partner, our stability and find ourselves in need of a food bank. Looking at the floods around the UK is an unsettling reminder of how fragile our circumstances are. Continue reading

Be afraid, be very afraid #teamhonkrelay #Nottingham

team honk test cycle nottsI have guest post from my friend Sarah today. We are doing the 50K Nottingham #teamhonkrelay cycle together for Sport Relief. Sarah and I met at a post natal group after Miss L and Legoboy were born. Whereas I love the bigger picture, ‘Let’s cycle 50 k for Sport Relief’, fortunately Sarah specialises in planning in detail.

This relay couldn’t happen without people like Sarah, happy to take the big picture and turn it into reality. Over the last few weekends she has been planning our route and posting scary pictures on facebook like this one: Continue reading

A Christmas Carol – @LakesideArts Centre, Nottingham #xmascarol

cc2 Lakeside have once again triumphed with this superb retelling of Dickens A Christmas Carol, which works brilliantly for both children and grown ups. Cleverly I think the characters will also appeal to the student population too, the theatre being in the grounds of Nottingham University.  Continue reading

Pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk: Nottingham Playhouse

Jack and the PlayhouseI will start by saying I am not a fan of pantomime, as I think it is only fair you understand where a review is coming from. It has also been a tough week at home, the storms were raging last Thursday night, we all just wanted to hibernate indoors. Would I find the magic? Continue reading

Hot tickets: Cirque de Soleil’s Alegria is in Nottingham!

alegriaIt is freezing cold, wet and windy in Nottingham this week, forget fireworks, what better way to inject some colour and passion than by catching Cirque de Soliel ‘s Alegria at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham this week? It shows from Weds 6th to Sunday 10th November.

We’re feeling a bit meh after coming back from holiday. There is nothing like an amazing holiday to remind you that life is about what you see, dream, experience, partake in, the senses and not the possessions! Which is exactly where Alegria comes in. Continue reading

Crime Narratives and preventing burglary

Time for a more grown up approach to burglars?

My favourite television programmes are crime ones. I’ve never really questioned why until a conversation I had recently with friends about burglaries.

As Mr A and I sit there watching the third or fourth back to back episode of Breaking Bad (I know late adopters) or The Mentalist, or whatever crime narrative we can get our hands on for the evening, it never makes me feel particularly unsettled. All this goes on beneath the happy suburban bubble I inhabit. Continue reading

How do you find your inner strength?

I remember being in labour with Mister G, it was late at night, things had suddenly moved fast and I was afraid. I was given a blend of essential oils containing frankincense to help me face my fear. Every time the consultant entered the room – a formidable lady who terrified me – I sniffed the oils, and felt my fear dissolve.

Sometimes we all need a bit of help locating our inner strength…

My last visit to Eden Hall Day Spa was all about finding and honouring inner strength.  I am becoming something of a regular, but I do feel very at home at Eden Hall. Continue reading

Pretty in Pink: Bloggers Race for Life in Nottingham


With the Race for Life only one sleep away, Annie aka Mammasaurus and I, sneak a gin to numb ourselves before bed. Next morning after a fuzzy awakening, much tea and an hour in make up, with a professional aka Miss L, and we’re good to go.

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Racing for Life

I am doing Cancer Research’s Race for Life Nottingham on Sunday, with a blogging team supported by Brioche Pasquier. It’s not the 5k that worries me though, it’s the emotion of the day. I lost my mum to brain cancer, that’s her above in a canvas I had printed recently.

The last time I did the Race for Life Nottingham, I found being surrounded by people wearing dedications to people they are running for, both comforting and utterly overwhelming.

Mum lost her Dad to cancer, before I was born. When I was small, I remember her taking part in a raft building challenge and collecting money for Cancer Research. So I will be running for the Grandad I never met, and for Mum.

Mum had a grade 4 brain tumour, which we knew from the start was always going to come back. However, cancer treatment meant we had two years and a half with Mum we wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I was pregnant when she was diagnosed, so it meant she got to meet Mr G, it also means Miss L can remember her and has been influenced by her in many ways. After the first tumour was removed and her first course or radiotherapy and chemotherapy she was in good shape for a year and we packed in lots of adventures together.

Unfortunately a second tumour appeared and nearly a year after she had surgery to remove it, she lost her incredibly brave fight with cancer. My Grandad died shortly before I was conceived. I will always wonder, how perhaps nowadays, with treatment, if I could have met him.

Here is the link to the fundraising page

There is also a £1 text giving donation facility set up, please donate a pound – text BLOG99 to 70070. 

Brioche Pasquier offered to kickstart our team with £250,  its the company’s first ever UK fundraising campaign to support Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, they have two promotions running to reach their fundraising goal of £15,000.

The ‘Run with Mum’ promotion, now available on the Pitch range, is to encourage you to run with your children by covering a single child’s £10 entry fee for 1,000 pairs of little legs.


The second promotion, ‘Raise Some Dough’, available throughout June and July across all products, gives you the opportunity to win donations of up to £100 to send to friends or family taking part in a Race for Life event through their JustGiving page – or alternatively you can simply donate to the Brioche Pasquier Race for Life team.


Also keep an eye out for Brioche Pasquier products at the Race for Life events, as every runner will be offered a tasty ‘PITCH’ filled brioche.


To find out how you can get involved and take advantage of these fantastic offers, visit


Here is the link to the fundraising page or text BLOG99 to 70070 to donate a £1.
Thanks for your support