How to Pond Dip

How to pond dip

Chances are your child will demand to know how to pond dip on a day when it is the last thing you have planned. Kids are like that I find. The last thing I expected to do on Mother’s Day was relearn how to pond dip, but it turned out to be the perfect activity for the most beautiful day, as I explained over on Becky’s blog A Beautiful Space. Continue reading

Five tips on how to drive safely around Europe

Dad and Miss L as I crash into them at Legoland

My first experience of driving abroad was at Legoland Denmark age seven. 30 years later and at Legoland Windsor it transpires I’m still no better at Lego cars or left hand drives…there was the overtaking of a caravan in France, after which I promised Mr A I would never overtake again…there was trying to drive a manual, left hand drive on the left side while hot and pregnant in Tuscany, after years with an automatic…there was nearly hitting a deer on honeymoon in Canada…

I’m a really good driver in the UK, but driving abroad has never come naturally. So I am studying the tips in today’s guest post from Allianz very carefully. Continue reading