Get SnUGGly

I’m going to tell you about the new UGG slippers Mr A and I have been asked to review, but before I do let me set the scene.

The damp has hung in the air all half term. ‘One of those Autumn days before the chill kicks in’, so my Dad said, ‘still mild though’.

So he packed us off, daughter and grandchildren, for a day of tree gazing at Wollaton Hall. Wollaton is one of my favourite places in Nottingham, a huge gothic hall surrounded by amazing trees, parkland and deer. It was used as the set for the latest Batman film. In Autumn it is an amazing sight.



We walked, we stamped in mud, kicked leaves, pretended to fish, launched sticks in the lake, walked the toy dog, we found fairy mushrooms, we tried and failed to find our first geocache and we watched the rutting deer through Grandad’s ‘noculars.

Dad was grandchild worn in the best possible sense of the word, and so set sail for his home. The kids were fresh air worn. How lovely was it to return from a day’s adventuring, to find my new UGG slippers had arrived. The kids put on their PJs, we curled up on the sofa with some Scooby Doo DVDs. They dozed off on the sofa, a special half-term treat.


Mr A had been working at home, pacing the draughty wooden floorboards in his old slippers, talking on the phone. He does lots of pacing as he talks, his slippers from last Christmas look like this:


View of the garden through Mr A's slippers

We carried the kids up to bed. Mr A unpacked his new slippers and we snuggled down to watch some telly. They’ve made a big difference in our lives. I love snUGGly Autumn.

UGG slippers aren’t cheap, I won’t lie, but I have never set foot in anything quite so snug in my life. You can’t see in the picture but both pairs are fully sheepskin lined. They are really well made with really tough soles, so will last much longer than the last pair. The tough soles mean they can double up as an outdoor shoe, Mr A can pace the garden and I can potter in it during tea breaks. When you work at home, don’t have carpets and take garden tea breaks, decent slippers are vital.

Mr A has a ‘slipper system’, he leaves them by the bottom step before he goes to bed, for the rest of us to trip over. He puts them on as soon as he comes down in the morning. I just lose mine. Until now, my UGG slippers now have their own spot in the hall next to Mr A’s so I always know where to find them.

Mr A chose Men’s Ascot China, and I chose Grey Cosy Toes,  you can see the full range of women’s UGG slippers and the men’s UGG slippers here.

What’s making you feel snuggly this Autumn?