Greetings, whether you’ve arrived here from Lakeside Arts, Nottingham where I am parent blogger-in -residence, or from my blog, welcome to my theatre page.  Here you can find out more about theatre, arts events and fun to be had at Lakeside Arts, and further afield.

You can read my theatre reviews and experiences here.  Some of them are children’s shows and some are for grown ups. Most of the shows I review are touring productions, so if you’re not in Nottingham you can catch them elsewhere.

Before I became a mum, a blogger and a writer, I was a Drama teacher.  I studied Drama at Hull University and trained to teach at Goldsmiths, London.  So theatre is a big passion of mine.  Nowadays, instead of taking other people’s kids, I take my kids, lots.

On our way into Goldilocks

Have you ever watched your children watching theatre? I believe theatre gives them a chance to experience the magic of live performance, to develop their imaginations, to hear new stories from around the world, to find new ways to express themselves and new depths of creativity. More than anything theatre speaks to humans on a completely different sensory and emotional level. Having children of my own and watching them watch theatre, I’ve never been more sure of that. There’ll be something, a puppet, a facial expression, a sound that will have them roaring with laughter, puzzling or reacting in a way I’ve never seen them do anywhere else.

The Enormous Turnip

Nottingham has lots of theatres…

Lakeside Arts is in the beautiful grounds of Nottingham University. We love eating cake and drinking tea in the cafe overlooking the lake in Winter, playing in Highfields Park, playing hide and seek in the trees, collecting conkers in Autumn, walking round the lake, pretending to be pirates in the caves and on the stepping stones in the Spring, spying herons and boating in the Summer. A show, a cake, a play and a walk, the perfect family afternoon out.

Nottingham Playhouse is an oasis in the city, tucked away between the city and the leafy streets of The Park. It has a fabulous cafe, CAST, which is buzzing on performance nights. It takes touring productions, but also has it’s own company producing some incredible pieces of theatre that put Nottingham on the world theatre map.

The Theatre Royal is a magnificent  traditional theatre space in the centre of town,  I have spent less time here than the other theatres, it is known for big scale touring productions and musicals.

Mr G at Under the Floorboards by Ballet Lorent and Northern Stage

We are always up for reviewing or previewing arts events for families.  Contact Penny

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! After a recent trip to the theatre with my daughter I will never forget the magical expression she had on her face! I hope to visit the Nottingham Playhouse soon!

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