Hidden Costs To Consider Before Buying A House And Moving

    There are few things in life more exciting than buying a first home, our first place together was an Edwardian flat in Streatham. Unfortunately, there are also fewer things more stressful and expensive than house buying, as I know all too well from the last year of selling our second house, a Victorian semi in Nottingham we moved into when L was a baby. And buying our third, a country cottage overlooking the Peak District. I wouldn’t change a thing though, I’m so glad we moved. Continue reading


    7 Actions For a Luxurious, Modern Home

    7 Actions For a Luxurious, Modern Home

    When it comes to decorating your home, are you stuck in the past, (like me) or looking to the future, with all the luxury and comfort that modern homes provide? I’ve surprised myself recently, our new home, a country cottage, is older than anything I have lived in before, but it’s extension feels very modern and for the first time I’ve been more drawn to some more modern pieces of furniture. 

    Here are some ways to gently dip your toe into modernism, you never know where it might take you! Continue reading

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    3 Areas To Invest In Before Your First AirBnB Let

    3 Areas To Invest In Before Your First AirBnB Let

    When you let part of or all of a property on AirBnB, you’re in for an interesting time. Letting parts of our property on AirBnB has been financially rewarding and allowed us to meet some wonderful new people. Sharing our little corner of the Peak District has brought a lot of joy and making people’s holidays is a gift I love.

    It can also be challenging and exhausting. Things break and go wrong, there were so many decisions to make as we restored the barn and the caravan. Nevertheless, AirBnB hosts opening their homes or guest cottages to visitors is incredibly common nowadays, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the AirBnB experience. Continue reading


    Minimalist Interior Design Tips

    There is no denying that the minimalist trend is still at the height of fashion at the moment. If you are looking for ways to bring this look to your home, you may be feeling at a bit of a loss regarding where to start. I have no problem admitting this isn’t my natural look at all and I am appalling when it comes to minimalism. However, as I get older, and as a mum, I do totally appreciate what it brings to my ability to think clearly. Continue reading


    Perfect Garden Spots

    creating the perfect spot in the garden

    Do you have a favourite spot in the garden?

    I have a few…

    The best thing we bought for our new home is a hanging seat. It’s actually a garden seat, but over Winter we’ve placed it in the extension, where it brings the outside in, allowing us to look out through the floor to ceiling glass windows over the fields and hills.   Continue reading


    5 Subtle Ways To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home

    When you look around your house, how do you feel? Does the colour make you feel bored? Cold? Detached? Every (wo)man’s home should feel like her/his castle, but if the castle is bland when it comes to décor and colouring, it’ll feel more like a dank and empty dungeon. Definitely not the look you’d be going for, right?

    If it feels like castles are stuck inside the pages of your favourite fairy tale or are reserved for the latest celebrity reality TV program, have a look at today’s ideas.  Luxury is not just reserved for the rich and famous or princes and princesses.

    Continue reading


    Great Ideas For Your Next Barbecue

    If you are planning  to host a barbecue for you family and friends this summer, why not try something new and exciting? There are lots of ways to vamp up your classic barbecue to make it fun, unique and stress free for you too. Here are some of the fun ideas you can use for your barbecue this year. Continue reading

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    Creative Ways To Reinvent Your Home’s Interior

    If you’ve been dying to redecorate your home for years then why wait? You don’t need a fortune to change the design of your home unless you’re planning on tearing the house down and rebuilding it from scratch. You just need a bit of creativity and determination. Most DIY tasks can be learned by watching YouTube tutorials. You have all the necessary knowledge at your disposal. Let’s talk about some creative ways to reinvent your home’s interior. Continue reading

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    Styling our Vintage Caravan

    The joiner who is renovating our vintage static caravan in the garden has now ripped out the interior to re-insulate and clad it, and transformed the layout. He has days where he is singing along happily to the radio and days where he politely texts me in the house, asking for more coffee. I’ll go out to find him scratching his head and pacing the floor, but he always comes back the next day with such renewed enthusiasm and brilliant solutions.

    It rubs off on me and gives me momentum for the interior design which is very much on my mind of late. Yes, we’re getting to the point of furnishing and accessorising ready to list it on Airbnb later this year, alongside our gorgeous barn which is already taking bookings. Continue reading

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    Stylish ways to bring clocks into your home

    In our old house my Dad would joke about our clocks, none of them worked, all had the wrong time and only visitors ever noticed them, and often got thrown by them. So when we moved house I decided to invest in some new clocks and you know what, it is amazing how calming a clock can be!

    No more asking Mr A what time it is, rummaging for my phone or pulling up my sleeve to glance at my watch. A quick glance and all is well.

    Clocks are such an important part of life, but they don’t need to blend into the background. There is something about a clock that commands our attention, so it’s worth thinking about how to style and place them to your advantage. Continue reading

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    How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room Design

    How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room Design

    Image via T Cud

    Rustic is such an easy look to keep updating as you find new pieces as it steadily grows in character with each new piece you find, it’s definitely been my favourite look over the years, from our first seafront flat to our current, Staffordshire farmhouse.

    If you had enough of the modern, contemporary, and the easy, and would like to show more sophistication in your home, try a rustic transformation of your living room design. Whether you are living in a farm house, a cottage, or a modern house, a rustic theme can reflect so much personality. From upcycling to choosing evergreen shapes and colors, there are several ways you can make a change that will great a truly homely and welcoming impression on all visitors. 

    Here’s how to go about nailing the rustic look. Continue reading

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    Is Your Home Life Killing Your Creativity?

    Is Your Home Life Killing Your Creativity?

    We all have the capability to be creative – it’s not a superpower. But a combination of factors can all add up and result in creative blocks, killing your natural instincts without you realising it, and stopping you from coming up with ideas. One of those factors is your home life, believe it or not. Here are some of the reasons why your current lifestyle at home could be contributing to creative roadblocks. Continue reading