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My Daddy Bakes Millionaires Shortbread

One Saturday morning I was the one who got up to make the kids’ breakfast, while Mr A snoozed. A few hours later, among many demands they made that morning, the kids demanded to bake, they’d been sent some fab baking equipment by Good to Know who have launched a guide to bakesales.

So I told them to ask their Dad. My thinking was that this would wake him from his very long lie in, pass the buck and buy me a few minutes peace. Little did I know it would end in him actually baking, and very fine baking it was too. He selected this recipe for Millionaire Shortbread from the Good to Know site.

First they went to buy all the ingredients, which took the rest of the morning. No flinging open the cupboard doors and snapping, ‘well I guess we could make 3 ingredient shortbread biscuits again’, or ‘how about fairy cakes with jam for icing’.

They laid everything out neatly on the table. He was like a surgeon prepping for an operation. No realising half way through there was no baking powder, or spillages while Mummy is trying to locate a tablespoon.  See, I could even do you a step by step what to do post, if I were a food blogger. Fortunately Good to Know already did a video tutorial.

Brown sugar, butter and flour for the shortbread base..he opted to make it himself rather than use crushed shortbread biscuits, fortunately shortbread is my speciality.

Soft brown sugar, 2 tins of condensed milk and butter for the huge quantities of caramel. I think Mr A doubled the Good to Know recipe.Serious amounts of chocolate for the topping, milk to please the kids, fair trade to please me.

He took it all seriously, even found time to sit down while baking. I’m too busy jumping on spillages and trying to find things.

It was lovely to watch them giggling together and to be able to take photos as they went along, without risking getting flour and butter all over my camera.

The end result was this…it seemed to take all weekend for the layers to form, but it was worth it!

It was incredibly rich so we titled it ‘billionaires’ shortbread, but it was absolutely gorgeous in small cubes with a cup of tea. The double quantities defeated us in the end and Mr A proudly took it to work. I suspect his colleagues fell off their chairs in shock. But my kids can proudly say My Daddy Bakes (better than Mummy).

Thanks to Good to Know for the baking gear and the inspiration!

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