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PicMonkey CollageWhen I was little we moved area and I remember my mum having a huge local map pinned to the wall, since then I have wanted to do something similar. So when offered me a sample of their amazing custom map wallpaper I saw a chance to make a little childhood dream come true.

I love it. It has totally transformed the hall space, while feeling like it was always part of the house. Everyone who walks in is immediately taken with our map and it is a real ice breaker when people first set foot in the house. We have one of those houses where we’re never quite sure where to take guests, the hall is pretty big so we often end up chatting there a lot before deciding whether to head for the kitchen or the lounge.

I chose to go for simple black and white in keeping with an older house, but you can choose custom colours and pins to mark locations too if you wish. We are thinking about using our own coloured red dots to mark some of our favourite places, but we haven’t agreed on the key yet.


What is great is that it reminds us to take another look at Nottingham and what we could do locally with our spare time. It also helps me understand where some of my friends from across the city live, and to get my bearings. The children have a sense of the school run and where the park is in relation to our house. Now I can see why I always get lost when I visit the very beautiful, The Park area of Nottingham. It is laid out like a maze!


It is also quite a strong statement of belonging to a place for me. We spent a long time deciding whether to move house, and this map feels like making a commitment to the city we have found ourselves in and the wonderful places we love to visit. Like Wollaton Hall: the location for Batman’s House in the Dark Knight Rises, the deer park and all round beautiful green space. The Uni, for any of its alumni who happen to be reading, is hidden under the light switch.

The location for Batman's House, the deer park and all round beautiful green space

The best sense of the map’s impact comes from flipping it round, looking at it reflected in the hall mirror:

DSC_0731The practical details

Wallpapered offer a stunning range of wallpapers, maps and even make your own wallpaper options

After playing around on Google maps for ideas, I gave my wall measurements, postcode and a radius from my house to wallpapered. They then sent me an image to check it was as I wanted.

The paper comes with wallpaper paste and it is wipeable and natural materials. In a high traffic area like the hall, it was vital that it was tougher than normal wallpaper and easy to clean. It can be cut to any size required and has excellent light fastness, guaranteed for 20 years.

Maps start from £32 per square metre, the space we papered is W170cmx H275cm.. You can find out more about Wallpapered custom maps and get a quote and proof emailed to you here.

The map came safely packed and organised in 5 numbered pieces. Being an impatient and imprecise DIY sort, I got a decorator to put it in place. You can see Craig of Rumford Decorating in action here below, and how magnolia and boring the space was pre map!

Craig was really impressed with the quality of the print and paper and the way it was pre cut and organised for hanging, each piece is cut to your specific dimensions so the drops will always match up. It was a morning’s work to prepare the wall and put this up. I think you will agree he has done a fabulous job. He is also great at working around kids and pets and comes highly recommended if you are looking for a decorator in Nottingham.

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