Is Your Bathroom Boring? Quirky and Creative Bathroom Ideas

Quirky Bathroom Ideas

For years the bathroom in my parent’s home had a gold cherub in the midst of peeing nailed to the door. It is an object which has much sentimental value, as I stole it on New Year’s Eve from a McDonald’s toilet in Munich on my first ever solo foreign travel adventure. I am sorry, not sorry; I love that it has a story. For me the objects in my home are all about telling a tale.

First you need to get the practical bathroom things sorted, from finding a bath to fit a tiny space, to finding a wet room suitable for all the family, more ideas on that here. Once the bathroom suite is sorted there are so many creative ways to turn your bathroom into somewhere a little different. Somewhere that reflects not just your ability to follow an interior decor trend, but somewhere that reflects your creative personality too. After all, all kinds of people end up making use of  the smallest room in our homes – wouldn’t it be fun if they came away inspired?

So I’ve scoured the internet (pardon the pun), here are some ideas to get you started:

A teapot to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste. Many homes have more teapots than they need. If you have shelf space you could buy a teapot and matching teacups from a charity shop and use the teacups as plant pots for trailing succulents. Who leads me on to:

A mirror with plants hanging from it. Bring the outside in and create a jungle feeling, there are so many plants that do well in bathrooms, Peace Lily, Ivy, Boston Fern, Heartless Philodendron. Plants are also great at removing toxins from the air.

Bunting are a really cheap and cheerful way to bring some colour and interest.

Why not have a collection of things as a wall feature? Vintage mirrors or hand mirrors gathered as a feature wall look great, and serve a purpose. Or how about making a wall feature of trinket or soap dishes which can both really complement, and distract from, boring tiles. Vintage or art postcards of people bathing?

Shells or glass in kilner jars? Baskets of driftwood? Display sunglasses or old perfume bottles?

Quirky Bathroom Ideas

Busts draped in jewellery look great on a washstand or shelf with plants.

Old drawers can make fantastic shelves and storage. They are perfect for hanging jewellery from too, just add more knobs or hooks.

For a more modern look, Betrand Jayr’s Cloud toilet roll holder is a reminder that even the most everyday items can be inspiring and would instantly brighten a small WC, or how about Graffiti paperclip radiators, to hold your bathroom together!


Chalkboard paint and chalks look stunning against white bathroom units and mean you can graffiti the toilet wall, but you might want to agree a few ground rules first.

Old signs can be fun, cheeky or vintage cool, depending on your sense of humour.

Look for quirky handmade products on Etsy, to replace ordinary things like toilet roll holders, I saw these brilliant ones made from pipes and reclaimed wood.

What makes your bathroom unique?

Collaborative post

Image Credits 1, Washbasin, Shutterstock; 2. Different Vintage Objects, Shutterstock; 3. Graffiti paperclip radiator and 4.Cloud, Lyon Beton

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