Tales from the House Hunt: Dream Like Bathroom

Dream bath ideas

What does your dream bathroom look like?  We looked around a lot of houses trying to find our perfect house and it’s given me a few ideas. A couple of places I will always remember, had the most incredible views from the bath, one of a lake and one of the hills – I lingered, plotting long, uplifting bubble baths as I gazed on nature. Sadly the bigger picture meant a bath with a view wasn’t enough to swing it. Another house had the hugest, most dream like bathroom with a roll top bath, but sadly no garden. Some things are more important than others.

I love the idea of being able to appreciate the outdoors from a warm bath. Although, not too outside please. There was also the place that time forgot, the house my kids still shudder when they think about. On the kitchen table, by an ancient range was a yellowed copy of The Times newspaper from 1964, in the living room a small pile of lonely paperbacks caught the sunshine, upstairs we crept past chipped paint colours and curling edges of wallpaper patterns time had long forgotten…

‘This house is sad Mummy’ whispered my daughter, instantly personifying the building and giving us goosebumps.

We hurried back downstairs for the final reveal, where the back door opened into a roofless bathroom covered in pigeon poo. The toilet reminded me of that scene in Trainspotting. The kids ran to the car in disgust and refused to come back out and listen to our attempts to help them visualise how the space ‘could’ look.

‘Too much of a project for us, sorry,’ we told the estate agent, and escaped to a country pub to cheer ourselves up.

Although I was sold on the idea of being able to take a big bath and see amazing views, when I thought about it, I realised most of my time in the bath is spent with my eyes either closed, or in a book.  So when the perfect house finally materialised, with a big bathroom, but with a tiny bath and without a stunning view from the bathroom, I decided we could work with it.

I’ve been dreaming about putting some images of the perfect view on the wall instead. My favourite time for a bath is after a long run and before starting work writing, so it’s a time to feel relaxed, let my mind drift and to start to feel inspired. We currently have Picasso’s 3 Bathers and a painting of women enjoying an old fashioned baths. I love the image above though, time to create a ‘bathing collage’ I think.

It’s the other things too, new towels, smells and candles. Lights and candles make such a difference. Another bathroom in a house we viewed had no windows, but felt blissful, like entering a fairy light lit cave mixed with a spa treatment room. I want to steal some of that.

I will always remember my sister in law buying me some stick on lights for the bath, they were a cheap gimmick and didn’t last long, but while they did, they totally transformed the bathroom atmosphere to that of a spa. Chromotherapy is an ancient form of medicine that harnesses the energy in different coloured light waves to create positive effects on your mind and body. Each colour enhances energy flow and stimulates your body systems to promote wellness, health and balance. Find out more here.

I also have plans to invest in a (safe) way to get music into the bathroom, whether it’s a portable radio or waterproof speakers, music can take you to a whole new space. We stayed in a cottage in Wales recently with lots of classical CDs which really transformed our mood, so I’m thinking it might be time to tune back into Classic FM.

I’m still hoping we can find space for a big bath. Although, Mr A’s latest solution to the bath tub is a hot tub, so maybe the bath plans will all go out the window after all.

What makes a bathroom dreamy to you?


Image credit: Woman lying in bath tub in a field, Shutterstock

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