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5 projects to reignite your love of home

Bedroom makeover in progress, A magnetic chalkboard headboard!

First project in the bedroom, redecorating the bedstead with magnetic chalk paint…

Having just moved, I can highly recommend not moving in many ways! It is a huge thing to undertake and completely turns your life upside down for a year or so. However, now the dust has settled, the novelty of a new home does wear off a little and I know we now need to slowly start to make this place ours. Apparently staying put and renovating and redecorating, rather than moving is a real trend now – I didn’t get that memo! But, this is somewhere we will stay for a very long time, and so I was really interested to look through the tips from Julian Charles in this ebook focusing on renovations and redecorating, all about making your home feel new without having to move.

I’ve felt a little at sea the last few months after being ill with tonsillitis and hitting the school holidays, I need to own this house more! Settling in a new home, or revamping an old home has lots of parallels, in both spaces you can feel like you are trapped in a room that isn’t you.

There are some great tips in there, regardless of whether you are staying put, or like me have moved. I have picked out my top 5 ideas from the ebook here, but do have a look for more ideas:

  1. Update your bedding. Lots of our bedding looks a little tired and the kids both bagging double beds in the new house, plus lots of visitors, means we just don’t have enough bedding. Bedding is a really quick way to make a big difference, both to the look and the feel and your comfort levels and feeling of newness in a room. Neutrals can be updated easily with throws and can transition through lots of room updates or even house moves.
  2. Get some shelves up in your home office. This will make a massive difference to clutter and organisation levels. Mine are still hidden under my desk, I need to make friends with the drill again!
  3. Change the handles and worktops in the kitchen. This is something I did in my last house and it made a massive difference. It’s also something I would do in my new kitchen as I love the layout, but it is an older kitchen and I am keen to make it really feel like our home.
  4. For the bathroom, a feature mirror can make all the difference. We have one tiny shower room where this would be the perfect way to create more space, and a large bathroom where I would love to change the simple plain mirror to something that has personality.
  5. I’m loving the idea of revamping living room furniture, we inherited an old school desk from the previous owners which is in the garage and I can’t wait to restore it. We also found some of our wooden furniture doesn’t quite look right, so I am thinking, rather than buy new, sand them down, varnish or repaint them.

I’m feeling really enthused about things again, it’s easy to put up with things for too long when renovations don’t have to be expensive or time consuming to make a big difference. I also really liked the idea of gradually changing a room with one object at a time, that seems really achievable and affordable – it is so easy to put these jobs off, look back at the end of the year and have achieved nothing.

One project I need to finish is the headboard in our bedroom. One of the previous owners had carved an amazing story out of wooden letters with significant dates in their relationship. What a beautiful gift. They had managed to take the letters, to try and rebuild it in their new home, but their shadow remained. When I hung our black and gold All You Need is Love blocks, which spookily match the colours of the room perfectly, I got the inspiration to make the headboard a magnetic chalkboard like the one I had in my office in my old house. I just need to give it a couple more coats.

Now I am thinking I might have the school desk as a beside table, a bit of a theme developing, which I can probably entertain with out nightmares, now I am no longer a teacher.

What are you working on at the moment at home?

Post in collaboration with Julian Charles.

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  • Reply Helen

    I love the words on the headboard, but it must’ve been a bit weird sleeping under someone else’s memories.
    I’m currently painting my office – well I half painted it, got a bad back & haven’t painted the other half. It may stay like that for a while ?

    August 10, 2017 at 11:18 am
  • Reply U-Dictionary

    Nice post, keep it up

    February 7, 2018 at 9:31 am
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