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20 Creative Ways to Pay for Home Improvements

Creative Ways to Pay for Home Improvements

Home improvements, whether small or large, sadly need funds to go ahead. This is a valuable lesson Mr Hart taught me in Maths lessons, when he forced me to price up a bedroom redesign for my GCSE coursework. Actually I secretly enjoyed it and it was the moment when Maths began to take on a new significance and joy to me.

Finding the money for projects before you’re able to carry them out isn’t always easy. It is something I still struggle with – saving up before I plough in! Larger home improvement projects might require a loan or saving for a while, but you can sometimes be more creative with how you pay for smaller ones…

Sell Something

If you’re planning some home improvements, you can usually think about how you might rearrange your home. Freeing up some space is often necessary, so perhaps you can sell some furniture or other items that you no longer need. When we moved from a Victorian semi to a country cottage there were definitely items of furniture that didn’t work anymore, but lots more local junk shops to buy cheaper replacement furniture in!

Alternatively, you could consider making something to sell or even a side project that could bring extra income – especially if you’re a creative soul.

Free Up Value in Your Home

For slightly larger projects, you might need more money than you’re able to gather on your own. One option you could have is to use your home to get the money you need. You might be able to borrow against your property, release some of the equity or take out another mortgage for particularly large home improvement projects.

Spread the Cost

Spreading the cost of your home improvements is also a perfectly legitimate way to pay for them. For example, you can often break down the cost of a new kitchen into a series of payments or delay the payment for a certain amount of time.

Start Making Some Savings at Home

Just finding some smart ways to save at home can help you get the money you need too, particularly for smaller improvement projects. Some small changes in how you spend your money can make a big difference.

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