Boost Your Home’s Value, Fill Those Empty Garden Spaces

Gardens really can play a part in the deciding of a home’s value but sometimes when it comes to viewings we can dry up a bit and stumble on how to sell them. Our sale was definitely helped by the landscaping we did, sinking the trampoline into the lawn really appealed to a family market and adding curved beds and a deck softened the shape and improved the flow between house and garden. It wasn’t anywhere near as expensive as we thought it would be. If you find the right gardener and have a bit of vision yourself you can keep the costs down.

If you want to sell your home and get the absolute most for it, it is definitely worth focussing on your garden. Filling in the empty spaces within it will immediately make it feel more appealing.

It’s hard to visualise how to fill the empty spaces in your garden sometimes, or more to the point to know what you should be putting in these spaces in order to boost your whole property’s market value. Here are some ideas:

A decking area

Decks are a great place to entertain on and also provide the perfect outdoor living space for somebody that wants to escape the hustle and bustle of their home. In our previous home we covered an ugly patch of tarmac with a deck and it was magic how much it suddenly felt like the kitchen had grown too. They really bring the outdoors in and vice versa. We also tidied up and ‘staged’ an old pre-existing deck at the end of the garden we’d never made much use of, adding seating and tables.

Decking areas entice buyers simply because it means they will not have to have it fitted themselves, instantly saving them on the costs of time and money. They can make homes feel more fluid and larger.

A shed

Something else that helps to shoot a home’s valuation price way up is practical storage spaces on the property, and there is no better a practical storage space than the humble shed, especially a decently sized one. We invested in a shed before we sold, painted it blue and shoved EVERYTHING in it we didn’t want cluttering up the garden and house! Clutter free viewings and a big storage area for our potential buyers – double win!

So, with that big old space at the end of your garden, put a shed in it!

Raised Beds

More and more people are using their gardens as places to grow their own fruit and veg, and the chance to do so with a ready-built raised beds could draw a certain type of customer to your home, and thus boost the value of it. Even those who don’t want to grow their own will appreciate really well laid garden beds for shrubs. People often think they will do more gardening than they will, but selling the dream of home grown veg can be a big lifestyle pull towards your home.

When creating a raised bed area in your garden, you could go for one of two options. You could simply set out an area of soil that is in the perfect position in regards to getting shade at certain times, sunlight at certain times and water at certain times. Or, in a larger garden with an empty space, you could add a greenhouse to the set up, preferably one that will work well in the long term, such as those provided by Cultivar.


A gravelled area might not add any sort of greenery to your garden, but it can enhance it all the same. It is durable even when untended to, so you will be appealing to the buyer that doesn’t want to have to do too much to the garden that they purchase at any point both in the present and in the future. We lead busy lives these days, there is a big audience out there looking for low maintenance elements in a garden.

A child’s play area

By turning your garden’s empty space into an area that your children can run around and enjoy themselves in, you will be appearing to the family demographic. In our last home family bidding wars on family friendly properties with great gardens were a common occurrence. So, designate an area to children’s playtime by laying the area in a durable flooring, such as astro turf, and then bringing in a host of play equipment, such as swings and slides.

A relaxing getaway

Partly catering to an older demographic, but also appealing to pretty much everyone, is a relaxing garden getaway. In creating the perfect spot in your garden for relaxation you will provide the next owners of your home with a sense of your housee being a home, that intangible feeling that encourages people to make an offer with their heart! To create a relaxing getaway, first of all try secluding the area with hedges or maybe even a fence, make sure that both sunlight and shade can reach the area and make sure there are plenty of comfy places to sit within it.

Creating a garden that will boost your home’s value is about appealing to as many different types of buyers and customers as you can and knowing who your home is likely to appeal to. Some people value practicality, there will be some that value the garden as a place to relax in, there will be some that value the garden as a place for their children to play in, there will be some that will want to use the garden as a harvesting tool, and there will be some that just want the garden to remain durable even when untended to.

Fill all the garden spaces in a way that will cater to a wide audience, you’ll have loads to talk about in viewings and will sell faster and add value to your home.

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Photo by Lucas Gruwez on Unsplash

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    What kind of fertilizer would you recommend?

    February 17, 2018 at 9:43 pm
  • Reply sachin

    Any recommendation on sports equipment for kids that can be easily placed in such small spaces

    February 21, 2018 at 12:31 pm
  • Reply aditya

    do you feel artificial grass and plants are an option too for making a cool use of this space?

    February 21, 2018 at 12:39 pm
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