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How to Use Lighting to Create a Focal Point

How to Use Lighting to Create a Focal Point

Lighting is probably the most important part of any interior: it is how you create accents, add interest and change the atmosphere of the whole room. Though your main lights will certainly illuminate the room, you can add so much feeling via alternative lighting solutions like lamps, fairy lights or decorative lighting.

As lights come in so many different styles, they can really evoke your own personal interior fashion sense and add to your overall effect. This is why you should take time over choosing the right solution and look at a wide range. Try  for a wide variety of styles and materials from traditional styles to more modern quirky pieces.

Create Light and Shadow

Lighting isn’t just about filling the room, it is also about creating some shadows as well. Spotlights are so effective because they draw the eye and reduce distraction by shadowing everything else. You might not think it, but shadow is just as important as light.

An easy way to introduce light and shadow is to use lamps and standing lamps to each room. This way you can choose where you want to add light and when rather than just having the main lights on. Another fun idea is to add small spotlights to your stairs. This is lovely when you come home late at night.

Put Fairy Lights Around Pictures (or Pretty Much Anything Else)

Fairy lights are the most effective way to create a focal point on a budget. You can string them up and use tiny pegs to put up pictures, hang them around frames of family portraits or to encircle just one large picture. But don’t stop there, fairy lights look beautifully bohemian when draped around a large mirror, wound around your bed frame or hung around the ceiling to add a little whimsy.

Recently, fairy lights have come back into fashion and you can find all kinds of different lights for all occasions. Some popular choices include lights in mason jars or wound around twigs for a more structured feature. Do choose your colours carefully, though. Bright white or blue will make your room feel cold, whereas warm white will always look classy and beautiful.

Be Bold with Novelties

From the kitsch hot pink neon flamingo to the fashionable cinema style box lights, novelty light fittings are everywhere. You can use them to create a themed room such as photography lights to underpin a Hollywood bedroom or just include a light to add a touch of fun.

Novelty lights are often a focal point in their own right but the key to getting them right is ensuring that they still fit well with your theme. Don’t just go for any old light, think about how it will look with the rest of your things. However, that said, you should be willing to be bold with your choices to create a real stand out feature. Essentially, if you like it and it looks great, don’t question the logic, just buy the light!

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