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Space Issues? Consider A Garden Room

Space Issues, try garden room

A garden room can be a perfect solution to space issues in your home or it could simply be a retreat – a space to call your own. I’ve had my eye on both our barn and vintage caravan as places to work, but they are both destined to be let to holidaymakers, with the barn welcoming it’s first guests this weekend. Garden rooms have many uses, it could be a home gym, an office, a playroom for the kids or could even be transformed into a home salon.

Siting your garden room

Choosing where to site your garden room will depend on the space you have available, power sources, drainage and what you would like to use the room for. If you would like to use the room as a retreat, try to situate the room away from your house, so that you feel as though you are really getting away from it all.

A play room or chill out room for the teenagers in your life would benefit from a quality TV aerial being fitted, such as the aerials supplied by so that they can catch up on Netflix. Where to site your room would need to take into account the best place for an aerial.

A home salon would be better situated close to your home, to allow easy access for customers. Remember if you are going to plumb water to the room you will need expert advice on where to situate your room according to drainage and water sources.

If you would like to use the space as a home office you will need to consider wifi and telephone connections. It will also be a good idea to allow as much natural light into your office space as possible.

As garden rooms are normally single height and don’t rise above 4 meters it is not normally a requirement to get planning permission before installation. Check regulations in your area however, as they can vary.  

Purchasing your garden room

There are many companies who provide a bespoke service in garden rooms, meaning that they will help you decide on the rooms situation, recommend and supply the garden room, build it and install fixtures, fittings and electrics etc. This would be the easy option, but not the cheapest. It would be cheaper to buy the garden room and then pay someone to build it. You could then get quotes from local tradespeople to install the necessary power, lights etc. If you are skilled at DIY, then you could build it yourself.

When buying your garden room consider its usage. You will likely need to use the room year round, so purchase a room that’s fully insulated with double glazing. It’s worth buying the best that your budget will allow as the room will give you a lifetime of use if it is of high quality and well maintained.  


Once the garden room has been installed along with all the fixtures and fittings, you can move onto the best part which is furnishing your room. This is where you can put your stamp onto the room, which is basically a blank canvas.

If you are using the room for business purposes such as a home salon, you can create a luxury spa feel, with candles and aromatherapy oils.

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