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How to outsource switching energy supplier, for free.


I don’t know about yours, but our energy bills have been eye-watering this Winter. It has been a particularly cold winter, but also moving to a very open-plan cottage on a hill top, with a boiler that celebrates it’s silver installation anniversary and is fuelled by a tank, rather than on mains gas, was always going to be costly.

While we’re working on a longer term solution to bring down the costs of our energy supply, I’ve discovered I can completely outsource switching to the best energy supplier deal via Look After My Bills.

I’ve always been wary of energy switching, because it seems like a phaff, and I like to be loyal to green energy suppliers, but I discovered Look After My Bills can do green energy too, so there was no reason for us  not to sign up. In fact The Big Deal, who provide the free Look After My Bills service, carried out the largest ever mass consumer switch to renewable energy.

I did shop around for a better deal when we moved because Mr A had been complaining we’d been stuck with the same supplier for years and the price was creeping up each bill. But had Look After My Bills not come along we no doubt would have been stuck with the same supplier for years.

So I signed up for Look After Our Bills this week, for free, in two minutes, only needed my bank details and supplier name to hand and instantly discovered I could make a £127 saving on my electricity bill. Which would help pay for a new boiler too. In fact over 5 years the average consumer saves £1,115 on gas and electricity, which would nearly pay for our much needed new boiler!

Look After My Bills is better, and different to using a comparison site, let me explain why!

What is Look After My Bills?

Look After My Bills is a free new service from energy switching site The Big Deal. The Big Deal was established in 2014 and has grown to over 400,000 members, using collective bargaining power to negotiate exclusive deals in energy and broadband. It has saved each of its members an average of over £300 a year and a total of £15 million, switching over £120 million of custom in energy and broadband to better, cheaper deals.

Who set up Look After My Bills?

This is the bit I really love, the credentials of the two founders, who are friends – Will worked for Ethical Consumer and Henry in the Department for Education, I liked the commitment to people and consumer issues here.

It only takes two minutes!

You can sign up to Look After My Bills in less than two minutes. Look After My Bills assesses the market and switches you to a better energy deal. The team then continues to check the market for you and automatically switches you again to another good deal when your current deal is coming to an end.

Why is this service important?

Switching energy providers is time consuming and confusing. No one has the time to make phone calls to the many different energy companies to check their prices. Comparison sites are often confusing and tricky to use, they all have different deals so you have to check several of them – it has got to the stage where you have to compare the comparison sites.

Why should you outsource switching suppliers?

It’s free to do this yet 60% of people in the UK have never switched and are overpaying by £200 to £300 a year. Even if you do switch you have to remember to set a calendar reminder for when your deal ends otherwise their prices go up again. Look After My Bills takes away the stress and automatically switches you each time your deal is about to run out.

How much does it cost?

Look After My Bills is a completely free service. Suppliers pay Look After My Bills a commission for each switch, which keeps the service cost-free to the customer.

How much money can I save?

Look After My Bills will only switch you if they know they can save you at least £50. On average, Look After My Bills saves its customers around £223. Some customers have been saving as much as £600. And this is an ongoing service so customers will be saving year on year without having to lift a finger. Over 5 years that’s £1,115 on average on just gas and electricity bills alone.

Think about this on a larger scale too – how much are energy companies taking from the population at large in profits?

Why sign up now?

Over time Look After My Bills hope to make all systems fairer for the consumer, whether that’s in insurance, banking, phone providers, internet providers, so I think it is going to prove be a useful service to be signed up with to keep ahead of all your bills.

For a limited time, Look After My Bills have a refer a friend scheme, so if you sign up using my link, once we have both completed a switch we both receive £20. And you can then grab your own link to share with your friends.

I think it’s a no brainer!

Let me know how much you manage to save?

Post in collaboration with Look After My Bills

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