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Bringing The Vintage Back Into Your Home

What’s your favourite vintage? Vintage means something different for everyone. Some people like to think it’s from the 80s with crazy colours and geometric designs. Some think it’s the 50s with polka dots and hair bows. However, it can mean anything, as long as it’s nostalgic and we don’t see it much anymore in the here and now.

I love to mix old and new and it’s what makes my house feel like home. I love things that have history and tell a story, but I don’t want to feel like I am living in the past, so my home and our holiday let is a delicate balancing act. I’m more of an Edwardian and Victorian lover myself, but it’s more about the story and whether an object grabs me and interests me.

Last week I looked at how to bring some class back into our rooms with some simple touches; it’s now time to do the same for vintage. No matter the timeframe you want to work with, here’s some tips for incorporating some more vintage items into your home.

Search the Antiques Shop

There’s one of these in every town out there, if not antiques then charity shops or boot sales. Simply searching your nearest second hand or antiques shop can make you delve into an entire world of hidden treasures, and all at a good price. The best thing is you can afford about two or three pieces every time you go on a vintage hunt, and when you’ve brought them home, feel free to fix them up in any way you want. The rule of threes is a good one, ornaments often look good in threes.

Even when the rest of your decor is modern, fitting some statement pieces into the free spaces in the halls and at the backs of rooms is a great reminder of where you came from. An old clock can be perfectly situated in pride of place at the end of the hallway, where everyone can see and hear it when they enter the house. A clock is a great place to start with making your moves back in time.

Use Tapestries

If you’ve got some white or otherwise solid colour scale walls, hang up some tapestries to brighten the area whilst still incorporating that old school feel. It can easily accompany the space with a comfy armchair and a good book! Our old stone cottage walls can feel quite cool, great in summer but less so in winter, so a tapestry is the perfect cover.

If you’re having trouble with the idea of hanging up tapestries on your pristine walls, find a good guide to securing them in place here. You don’t have to use nails.

Get Rid of Old Tech

Old tech doesn’t have much of a value to it anymore. When you have new iPhones brought out every few months or so, and next generation consoles gracing the adverts, that old DS model isn’t going to fetch much money. However, if you know where to sell it to people nostalgic for their gaming childhood, you can make some quick cash. Places like Ebay can be good for this. Try to use the internet more than any physical shops, as the web usually churns out better prices.

When you don’t have any old mobiles, computer monitors, broken laptops, or fuzzy screened TVs laying around, your space is going to feel a lot better, so say goodbye to your old electronic clutter. You’re going to have so much more space you didn’t even know you had when that corner of the bedroom has been sorted through.

Bringing a touch of the vintage back can make a modern house feel more like home don’t you think? What’s your favourite vintage?

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