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Dining Rooms For Dinner Parties: Are You Making The Most Of Yours?

Dining Rooms For Dinner Parties: Are You Making The Most Of Yours?


Do you have a dining room? We had one in our last house, but the Victorians didn’t live like we did and so it always seemed like too much hassle to carry food through to it. We ate in the kitchen, but sometimes that felt chaotic, especially if guests came over. Our dining room became a playroom for a couple of years, then a second living room nobody went in, then a much neglected place where clutter gathered. The issue with dining rooms is that many people never use them to their full advantage. After all, we eat every day and mealtimes are a really important part of home life.

Lots of people tend to allow their dining space to become full of clutter, and that doesn’t make sense when you can use it for so much more.  Arranging a dinner party is an excellent way to turn that situation around. Since we moved and gained a huge table at a furniture auction we’ve been having lots more people over for meals, I have to say though that ‘meals’ also feels a lot less intimidating than inviting people over for a ‘dinner party’!

Remove clutter and add furniture

Firstly, you’ll need to spend some time moving all the clutter out of your dining room and placing it into storage boxes. You can then put them under a bed in the home or a cupboard.

A sideboard or cupboard would be really handy for storing table mats, condiments, candles, and a perfect space for more formal tableware or glasses. A bar trolley could be a really fun addition and will be a great dinner party talking point.

If you need to use the room for work as well as dining, create an office and/or homework station, a tray or box with everything you need which is easy to transfer to a sideboard or bookcase when the table is needed for dining. Pretty storage boxes are a good way of closing the lid on work when it is time to switch into home mode too. A bureau style desk, if you have room, is a great way to store work equipment.

When it comes to selecting the best furniture for your dining room, there are lots of options on the table according to the designers and innovators at sites like, with contemporary or vintage dining tables and chairs. 

Choose the right flooring solution

When it comes to selecting the best flooring solution for your dining room, it makes sense to think practically. Carpet might ensure your guests feel comfortable underfoot, it will also become worn and stained over time, according to who have weighed up the pros and cons.  As we found when we refurbished our holiday cottage, it is worth talking to flooring specialists who can highlight all the pros and cons of each solution and ensure you make the right choice. Llaminate or hardwood flooring can be more practical, we simply added a cheap, easy to clean rug under the table to keep feet toasty. 

Invest in a high-end light fitting

Your dining room needs a centrepiece, but not everyone has enough space to place it in the middle of the table. With that in mind, you might consider investing in a small chandelier or something similar that will hang in the middle of the space. That will help to add an element of luxury to your dining room design, and it’s guaranteed to impress all your guests. Just make sure you measure the size of your dining room, so you don’t purchase anything too big by mistake. People still need to move around the table and get to their seats without bumping into your light fitting and causing damage.

Create a talking point

Just because the room is for dining doesn’t mean it needs to feel bare. Think about what it makes sense to store in the room, and what will create a relaxing atmosphere at meal times and for guests. Books and after dinner board games work well. Pictures can create a fun family atmosphere and give guests something to talk about.

A mirror will help to make a smaller space feel larger, place it over a sideboard or fireplace to create a focal point.

Candles or a table lamp on the sideboard will help to create a warm and homely atmosphere.

How do you use your dining room? Any tips that work well for you?

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