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How to choose the right coloured cushions for your home

Choosing cushions can be trickier than it seems. What should be a fun, frivolous task can sometimes leave me wondering how on earth I have spent quite so long pondering over images of fluffy squares online. My biggest mistake is to get drawn into trends in shops, or cushions I just love, without thinking of the bigger picture of the whole room itself. So, here are some of my favourite tips for choosing the right coloured cushions.

First of all, take a long look at the whole room and not just the sofa, take a photo on your phone or do your online cushion shopping in the room you are looking to furnish. Look at overall colours, pictures and objects that stand out. This way themes or colours that truly work for the space are more likely to jump out at you.

Pattern Rules

Anything can work together with some thought, florals and geometric shapes together can create a striking visual look, but try to follow the colour palette and style of the room as a whole. A plain cushion that ties everything back to the room colours can bring together two clashing or contrasting patterns brilliantly.

We used cushions to continue a nature theme in our holiday cottage, and have owl cushions, which adds some life and character, just like this moose above. Often stores arrange cushions in collections designed to complement each other, which takes some of the work out for you. Look at displays or collection images online for inspiration.

Typography can be fun too, especially if used elsewhere in the room. Look at the kind of images and objects you have on the wall too and try to bring the colours, patterns and themes together. The images I have illustrated this post with are from Simply Cushions NZ.

Colour rules

Mixing two complimentary colours that compliment the overall decor scheme often works really well and is a safe and easy bet, seen below, grey works well with cushions in beautiful pink. Black and white shades with interesting patterns compliment the look.

The art of choosing and arranging your cushions

I’ve used grey and mustard in our holiday cottage which is a great contemporary mix which helps to give a fresh look to the antique furniture and balance that chintzy country cottage feeling. You can see in this image below how it does have both cosy and urban covered.

Yellow and grey cushions

As a nature lover I think using green cushions is a gorgeous way to bring the outside in and works well in garden rooms and conservatories. Blue is great for a coastal look and contrasts well with yellow and gold.

Coastal cushions

Mixing tones of one colour works well too and can create a more elegant, calming atmosphere. We have a mix of textures and patterns in the all grey cushions in our own living room where the bookcases already bring a lot of colour and distraction to the eye.

If like me, you find two colours a little restrictive, then mix lots of bright colours and patterns, a pair of cushions or two within the mix can help to tie it all in across the sofa.

What’s your favourite cushion? 

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