6 reasons to choose a walk in shower

reasons to choose a walk in shower

I once stayed in a water tower and it was a bit like a windmill in that each floor was basically a room. There was something quite magical about the giant shower room, you walked behind a huge screen of glass across the room and looked out across fields as you showered though an eye level window. There was no knocking elbows on glass doors or bashing your head when you reach down to pick up the shampoo, just a lovely feeling of space.

In fact I didn’t mind the lack of bath at all in this space, it would have been tricky to haul a bath tub up 5 floors, although they somehow got a pool table right to the top of the tower.

Shower rooms, wet rooms and walk in showers are a rapidly growing trend. These versatile spaces work brilliantly for all the family without compromising on your bathroom aesthetic.

Somewhere to experience that feeling of space

When looking for a new home I was so focussed on the views from the bath that I forgot the shower. We ended up buying a house with a tiniest bath but a huge walk in shower. What I love about the shower is that feeling of space, there is something liberating about showering without feeling fenced in. I also love the views through the large skylight above the shower. Some mornings I watch the clouds, others the snow or rain. It always makes me feel connected to nature.


Somewhere to let the kids splash about without feeling confined

Often kids don’t like the confined feeling of showers, but a walk in shower is just like playing with jet sprays in the garden or waterpark, they can decide when to hop in and out of the spray.

Somewhere to shave your legs without getting cramp, or soap and water in your face.

Let’s face it, shaving your legs in a tiny shower cubicle can be really undignified.

Somewhere with room for two

Sharing a shower is great for the environment and romance, but can be cramped in practice. A walk in shower solves this. The water tower I visited even had two shower heads, so no arguing over who gets to be under the spray.

Somewhere to wash the dog

Lifting a dog into the bath is a pain, but showering them off in a shower room or walk in shower is easy. Plus the clean up afterwards and water damage is much reduced. I can see now why so many country homes we visited had downstairs wet rooms.

Somewhere those with mobility issues can shower comfortably

Getting into a bath to shower, or cramming into a shower cubicle, especially when the surface is wet and slippy can make enjoying a relaxing shower stressful. Future proofing your home for when older relatives visit, or providing for your own mobility needs with a walk-in shower can be a really wise, yet also style conscious move.

Are you a shower or a bath person?

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reasons to choose a walk in shower


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