Spring Interior Trends 2018

Spring Interior Trends 2018

There’s no doubt about it, Storm Emma gave the UK quite a pummelling. My kids managed to score three snow days. My husband got marooned in Nottingham one night and worked from home the others. We agreed with our builder, who is renovating the vintage caravan for us ready to go on Airbnb like our barn, that horizontal ice and sleet wasn’t suitable working conditions. I spent ages trying to defrost a frozen pipe to the barn. I hunched over my laptops, numb fingers dancing frantically over an icy keyboard as the kids trudged in and out of the house demanding hot chocolates, stodgy food or more dry socks or gloves.  

At best, people’s plans were seriously inconvenienced and at worst consequences have been far more serious. Fortunately, in the words of The Beatles… Here comes the sun. I actually felt the sun on my face today.

While we’re not quite guaranteed spring yet – March is in like a lion out like a lamb as the saying goes – the brighter mornings and longer days are all pointing to the fact that Spring is on the way. As winter’s grip eases we can all look forward to enjoying the turn of the season with re-imagined homes and newly rediscovered gardens.

If you’ve spent the winter fantasising about giving your home some much needed remodelling, now’s the time to start seriously putting those plans into action. As your garden thaws and the darkness recedes, here’s how to apply some of the nations hottest emerging interior trends to your home…

Let there be light

Since the days are getting longer and we no longer have to endure waking up to pitch black mornings, why not capitalise on the return to a brighter climate? There are many ways you can do this, depending on your budget. If cash is a factor, even a lick of paint can help to brighten your interiors. Don’t worry, if the thought of boring old magnolia gives you the hives, the spring / summer look is all about gelato colours.

For those who want to inject a little vibrancy into their walls without being too garish or stark, these ice cream coloured hues can brighten up your interiors and create a lovely warming effect when they catch the sunlight beaming in through your windows and doors.

Speaking of windows and doors, if you noticed outlandishly high heating bills over the winter season, you may want to take this time to re-evaluate the efficiency of your windows. Remember that not all UPVC double glazed windows are created equal, and that some windows and doors retain heat from sunlight better than others.

Now is a good time for renovations, like opening up a room to the outside, French doors can flood even the drabbest of rooms with light. We’ve been on the hunt for some for the caravan, to make the view over the Peak District even more magical. The beauty of ordering in the digital age is that you can design French doors online, choosing from a wide range of styles and materials. This is a sizeable investment, but few renovations open up the space bringing a sense of air and light that’s hard to match.

Get the spring blues

If the thought of subtle gelato pinks and yellows isn’t quite your scene, but you still like the idea of incorporating some bold (without being loud) colours into your interiors, perhaps you might want to take advantage of the seasonal popularity of blues and indigoes. These add a lovely calming effect to any room, while accentuating the freshness and warmth that we associate with spring. While most will be wearing this trend on their walls with indigo wallpapers and paints, accessories can enable you to attain this look without making any long lasting amendments to your decor. Think curtains, vases, jars, jugs, lampshades and cushions to give your spring the blues.

Powered by plants

Now that the sun has got her hat on, it’s time to brighten up the home with some of nature. If you run a business, or even work in an office you’ll be savvy to the health benefits of the humble house plant. They create a sense of calm and tranquility (especially if the rest of your home has a minimalist aesthetic to accentuate them). They can reduce stress and create a sense of wellbeing (making them essential for those who work from home), help to improve concentration by boosting the humidity and oxygenation of the room and there’s even evidence to suggest that they can boost healing and immune function.

It’s not all about house plants, though. If you want to inject some natural influences into your aesthetic, but can never remember when or how often to water your houseplants, you’ll be delighted to learn that floral print wallpaper is going to be huge this coming season. Don’t want flowers on your walls? There’s more likely a place for it in your soft furnishings, cushions or bedding.

Embrace your wood’s dark side

The rise of Scandinavian furniture trends has flooded the market with pale woods. This coming season, however, furniture trends are moving towards darker toned woods. If you’ve always had a taste for the retro glam associated with darker woods, this will be the season where you can embrace your dark side. This season’s furniture will be characterised by retro ‘70s and ‘80s shapes with dark walnut finishes, accentuated by metallic fixtures in brass and gold for a 21st century interpretation of ‘80s glam.

Deco and geometrics

If your retro tastes reach back further than the ‘70s and ‘80s you’ll be glad to know that the ‘40s and ‘50s art deco and geometric influenced designs that have been rumbling away in the background will be well and truly coming to the fore in spring. That means geometric patterned wallpaper if you’re feeling committed to the cause, and statement art prints if you’re not.

All about ombre

Ombre comes and goes in interior design, but it’s going to be back with a vengeance this spring. The beauty of ombre is that it can be incorporated in a huge variety of ways. You’ll see it abundantly in vases, lampshades and prints this season as well as in curtains and bedding departments of department stores across the country. If you want to go the whole hog and put it on your walls here’s how you’d go about it. Must pass this one on to my daughter who is determined to achieve an ombre wall!

Ideas for Spring Interiors

Collaborative post, Photos by Jenny Smith and on Unsplash

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    Love this post, I did some of the same things for my bathroom using removable wallpaper. The spring colors came out great.

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