5 Ways to Make Your Home More Light & Airy

Ways to Make Your Home More Light & Airy

Is your home currently feeling too dark and dingy? It’s a common problem and it’s one that can really get you down. No one wants to spend their days in a dark environment that deprives them of the light and positivity we all need. There are so many different things you can do to make your home more light and airy…

Start With the Floor and Make it Light

Work from the floor up. The flooring you have in place has a huge impact on how light and airy your home feels. If you’re stuck with dark floors, it makes everything in the room look that little bit darker too. I can’t wait to replace our grey kitchen/diner carpet tiles with a light coloured flooring, I’m keen to go for a light and pale type of wood to really make it feel light. It’s an amazing space, but the floor definitely drags me down.

Don’t Clutter the Walls and Surfaces

Decorations seem like a nice idea at the time, especially when you want to make your mark on a new home, but they quickly end up making the room feel more cluttered and busy than it really should. Try instead to keep the surfaces as bare as possible, with perhaps just one or two ornaments. Art on the walls will have a bigger impact if there’s less of it. And dusting will be easy peasy!

Take Steps Towards Minimalism

A minimalist home aesthetic could be just what you need because it helps your room to feel less overwhelming. It increases your chances of being able to relax in the room, and you will also notice that your home feels more spacious. So choose furniture that’s unfussy and don’t feel like you need to fill every spare bit of space you have. I really struggle to stick to this in practice, but I know it makes total sense.

Consider a Conservatory

Conversatories are good for anyone who wants a room that’s purely dedicated to sitting down and relaxing as they look out at their back garden. They tend to have plenty of light coming in from every angle, and that means you’ll never be lacking access to natural light. Have a peek at conservatories by Amber Home if this is something you’re interested in.

Keep Colours Light and Neutral

I love white walls, because it takes the decision making out of choosing paint, but there are so many lovely light colours. If you can find a simple and neutral wall colour that offers that light feel and doesn’t feel in any way oppressive, you’re on the right tracks. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just do some paint tests before you reaching your final conclusion.

The simple changes here could help you and your home feel more positive, what you waiting for? 

Collaborative post. Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash

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