3 ways to lighten life

Do you want to live as light as you can? If so, you’re probably into green living and taking a lot of time for self care, as well as letting go of things that could stress you out. And although, most of this effort comes from inside you, but you can make your lifestyle choices evident in the space around you as well.

Here’s some tips for making sure you’re living as light as possible, breathing easily and happily at home.

Maximise Literal Light

First of all, you’re going to want as much light in your home as you can get, and that might involve installing some new fixtures or setting up some new lamps. Lamps can make us feel so much better about our space because of the extra space the lighting effect has on surfaces, making everything feel a little more clear and glamorous. Take kitchen plinth lights as a good example here; you can have you entire kitchen workspace backlit, making it much easier to control that knife when you’re chopping vegetables.

Get the movie star look in your house by hanging up some cute LED light strings wherever you want, and even try to get some mood lighting installed. If you can dim the lights without having to turn them off, you’re going to have a much easier time relaxing at the end of a long day.

Use Your Time Properly

If you’re finding yourself unsatisfied with the hours there are in the day, it’s time to take control over your use of them. One way to feel lighter is getting up earlier than you need to, to get the time you want out of the day ahead. Even just an hour before your alarm is due to go off is enough, as you can spend some extra time getting work done or having a really good breakfast and collecting your thoughts before you have to shoot off out.

Having some extra time to yourself means you can carry out the hobbies you love, spend some time on your own, or volunteer. Whatever it is that’ll make you feel lighter in life is perfect for the time you didn’t even know you had.

Eat as Well as You Can

Eating properly really makes us feel better in yourself, with the added benefit that you’re going to notice the results when you look in the mirror. We all need those indulgent chocolate or carb heavy snacks from time to time, but cooking up a healthy feast is the best gift to yourself.

Having variety to your plate is the best way to stay healthy, and cooking itself can also be mindful.

And laughter, comedy videos, friends, jokes and fun really does lighten any load.

How do you keep life light?

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