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Bringing back brooch wearing as a trend

butterfly brooch alexander wedding

Mr A bought me a brooch as a wedding gift, a tiny silver butterfly which I pinned to the flower on my wedding dress. I absolutely love it, it’s so small yet perfect reminder of our day. Whenever I wear it it takes me back to our wedding day.

Of all the jewellery I inherited from my Gran, my Grandmother and my Mum I think my favourite pieces are their brooches. They seem to conjure up another era so beautifully and yet they also mix so effortlessly with modern day clothes. My favourites are my Gran’s pewter flowers with turquoise stones for flower heads, Mum’s Romanesque bronze discs with large gemstones in the middle and Grandma’s gold circles laid with a stone.

This might sound a little mad, and I wonder if anyone else feels the same… brooches make me smile in a way necklaces and rings and earrings don’t. Like Tatler, I think they are more playful, and have greater symbolism. A bit like badges share a cause or passion, but more  subtle and stylish. They are often associated with old ladies and royals, who do seem to wear them a lot, but you are just as likely to see them on catwalks and models these days.

There is something special about brooches, people don’t wear them as much as they used to, so when I do see someone wearing one it tends to catch my eye more. It’s as if that person has gone to that extra bit of effort with their look that day. Plus brooches are really versatile and can transform all kinds of garments.I am seeing lots more about and I love how brands like Boho are bringing back brooch wearing.

11 ways  to wear brooches

There are so many styles to choose, from vintage style brooches to modern interpretations of classic designs, to costume jewellery that will have people thinking you are wearing the family silver, to classics that will remind you of your Granny.

Here are some of my favourite ways to wear a brooch:

On a scarf to keep it in place around the neck.

To hold a big cardigan in place.

On a coat to break up a big block of one colour.

On a velvet or denim jacket to add some fun on a night out.

To prettify a hat.

A cluster of themed brooches can work around a neckline.

At the bottom of a V on a V fronted dress.

On one sleeve of a dress or top with straps

Between the lapels of a shirt.

Buy two and put them on your shoe buckles or side of a pair of pixie style boots.

To add interest to a bag, or turn a boring bag into a night out or wedding guest bag.

Do you wear brooches? How do you like to wear them? Do you have a favourite?

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