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Top Ten Sites for Wine Lovers

Top Ten Sites for Wine Lovers

Nothing beats drinking a glass of wine at home after a busy day.

Buying wine online can be confusing at times. Every site is claiming to offer the best deal. Sometimes the concern is not just the cost but also the quality of the wine and smooth shopping experience.

Here are top ten wine sites to help you gain some perspective on wine:

1. Wines Direct
This is a site that is focused on presenting you with the best deals on the web on wines and champagnes. If you are new to buying wine online, then this is the best place to start.
Wines Direct is currently offering Naked Wines voucher from £50 and £100.

2. Organic Wine Club
If you are a lover of organic wine, then you should find Organic Wine Club online. The site is dedicated to selling only organic wines. They also have low alcohol and sulphate free wines, and some are certified organic wines. They deliver in different parts of UK at a cost.

3. Laithwaite’s Wine
Dating back from as far as 1969, Laithwaite’s offers more than 1500 varieties of wines to choose from. The company was found in 1969 by Tony Laithwaite and has grown over the years to provide affordable and unique wines to customers.
They are also available on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

4. The Calais Wine Superstore
Though independently owned by UK entrepreneur Calais Wine Superstore is located in France and hence does not pay UK duty. Due to this, their prices of wines and beer may be a little bit lower than other stores. If you happen to be around the store, you can try over 150 wines in the Calais Superstore Tasting room.
You can directly order on their website and then pick the merchandise later when you are available.

5. Majestic Wine Warehouse
The majestic wine has different locations all over the country. You can just order your preferred wine from Majestic Wine website and collect from any of their various locations in the country.
For home deliveries, you need to buy six bottles or more of wine. The best part is they have a mobile app, and you can request a chiller bin for a period when you have guests.

6. Australia Wines Online
The website is easily organized regarding origin of the wine, producer, case, grape, and colour making it easy to shop on the site. Most of the wines come from Australia winemakers and family-run wineries with a few wines coming from New Zealand, the US and Europe. They also offer gift vouchers ranging from £20 up to £125.

7. Buy great wine
The site specializes in only wine that is found in restaurants. They only source their wines from independent producers who don’t comprise on quality of their production. These wine producers are located all around the globe from Slovenia to Greece to Canada, the UK to South Africa. The website has 24/7 support where you can voice concerns or ask any advice. Delivery for EU orders starts as low as £.95.

8. Tim Atkin
If you love reading about wine, then this is the site for you. Tim Atkin who is the founder and principal author of the site has more than three decades of wine experience. So you are sure that the content is from a veteran in the wine industry. He also posts opinion pieces such as recipes, investments on wines around the globe.

9. Reverse Wine Snob
Established in 2011 by Jon Thorsten Reverse Wine Blog is a site that publishes reviews on budget-friendly wines. Jon who is also a traveller posts articles about his adventure stories around the world. The site has a prominent following on social media sites.

10. The wines siren
Kelly Mitchell is a wine enthusiast who writes about wine from when the ingredients are in the farm to the owners to the farmers she covers them all. She documents her travels in different areas to uncover winemaking techniques and interviews the creators to gain perspective on wines.

Top Ten Sites for Wine Lovers

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