Enjoy Your Garden – Even When It’s Cold

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Gardens can be fantastic in the summer, providing you with your own private outdoor escape. However, for the majority of the year when it’s cold, many of neglect our gardens. Here are a few ways that you can still enjoy your outdoor space without having to endure the winter chill.

Add some outdoor heating

A simple solution could be to add some outdoor heating. The most traditional method is to use controlled fire. Chimeneas are great heating devices that burn wood for heat. They’re portable and can even be used to cook food on. For a more fixed feature meanwhile, you could build a fire pit. This could be like having a bonfire to huddle around (just make sure your neighbourhood allows fire-pits, as they may be restricted in some areas). Alternatively, for a more modern heating solution, you could buy a patio heater. Many patio heaters run off gas such as propane, whilst others are solar powered.

Deflect the wind

If your garden is on a hill or near an open field, it’s likely you could be getting a lot of wind chill. Finding a way to block the wind could help to make your garden more bearable in the colder months. You could consider building higher fences or walls around your garden to keep these gusts out. Planting a tree in the corner of your garden could also help to deflect some of the wind. These garden improvements may require you to get planning permission as there could height restrictions. You may also want to check that your neighbours are okay with building these obstructions as they could have the negative effect of blocking out the sun in the summer.

Build a conservatory

Conservatories may technically be an indoor space, but due to being surrounded by glass they can make you feel like you’re outdoors. Building such an extension could allow you to take in the outdoor sight, whilst enjoying the comfort of indoor heating and shelter from the elements. You could turn this space into a dining room and feel like you’re eating al fresco. Alternatively, it could be transformed into a peaceful study room or a tranquil home office. A conservatory with a sliding door could even allow you to open up this space in the summer and make it feel more like a patio.

Grow plants in a greenhouse

Building a greenhouse could be the perfect solution if you want to grow produce in your garden, but don’t want to have to deal with the elements. Not all plants can grow in a greenhouse, but the majority can with a deep enough pot of soil. Greenhouses can be beneficial to your plants too as they prevent them getting damaged by frost or waterlogging, whilst still giving them the sunlight they need. Just make sure that you build a greenhouse in an area of your garden that receives enough light.

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