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How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room Design

How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room Design

Image via T Cud

Rustic is such an easy look to keep updating as you find new pieces as it steadily grows in character with each new piece you find, it’s definitely been my favourite look over the years, from our first seafront flat to our current, Staffordshire farmhouse.

If you had enough of the modern, contemporary, and the easy, and would like to show more sophistication in your home, try a rustic transformation of your living room design. Whether you are living in a farm house, a cottage, or a modern house, a rustic theme can reflect so much personality. From upcycling to choosing evergreen shapes and colors, there are several ways you can make a change that will great a truly homely and welcoming impression on all visitors. 

Here’s how to go about nailing the rustic look.

Natural Colour

One of the best ways of creating a rustic look is using natural colours. Beige, brown, green, and magnolia will work well with every design. You might want to avoid bold reds and pinks, and choose matching soft furnishings. From curtains to rugs and cushions, there are several details you will need to pay attention to. You could, however, add some contrast, such as dark red or royal blue to make your room look more sophisticated.

Beige and Blue Combination

A surefire way of creating a rustic look in any living room is combining beige with blue or dark red. You can find some great evergreen furniture that will tick all the boxes. Check out Alexander and James Sofas for inspiration, which will be able to match the style of many different homes easily. Start with choosing the main colours and the wall colour before you select the soft furnishing and the sofa, chairs, and table.


A great way of saving money on designing a rustic look living room is upcycling. You could visit some of the building reclaim or antique shops to find some old furniture you can paint or give a distressed look to. If you need inspiration to find the right project to match your style, DIY skills, and budget, you can check out some Pinterest rustic design and upcycling posts.

Whitewashed Walls

In case you are lucky enough to call a listed building your own, you will be able to take advantage of the characteristics of your traditional architecture. You can whitewash the walls instead of using wallpaper, and use upcycled decorations and old picture frames to create a contrast.

Beams and Stones

How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room DesignImage via Stephen Di Donato

Old homes are full of character, and if you have one, make the most out of your opportunities to highlight the best features. If you have beams that have been painted over by the previous owner, it might be time to retrieve them and restore their original state. Using stone features instead of a shiny wallpaper will also help you create a sophisticated rustic look your guests will admire.

Whether you are looking for the comfort of traditional furniture or would like to create a unique look in your farmhouse, you can choose the right colour combination, the design, and restore the traditional features of your building. Focus on repurposing and upcycling furniture, and evergreen designs. Use natural materials, avoid wallpaper, and take advantage of the best features of your house.

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